Let The Biking Begin

Nine months from now my comrade Steve Kerr and I will be embarking on a spectacular crusade across the country. In order for this to happen, I need to get trained up!

So, whats happened this past week?

– I bought shimano biking shoes

– I bought clipless pedals

-I adjusted Steve’s bike (He was kind enough to let me use his kick-butt lemond)

-I went on a 16 mile cruise with Gabe Winant.

With the exception of a few clouds  taking a stand against the sun, sunday was pretty lovely–an excellent day to break in Steves two-wheeled gem. After church I raced up to my room and equipped myself. I squeezed into my leg-constricting spandex and threw some khaki shorts on over them. I swung open my closet and grabbed a white t-shirt from the pluthora of clothes. Then, I darted downstairs  to the garage. I opened the door and stood there, simply admiring the fine bike before me. I grabbed my shimano shoes and strapped them on. Now, I’m not sure if you’ve ever used clipless pedals before, but it’s definately something that takes some getting used to. I’ve been told it’s best to hold the breaks and get one foot in first, while remaining idle. Then, start pedaling and manage to clip the other shoe in. There is a lot of adjusting that needs to be done to the pedals so that the shoe clips in nicely and can be unclipped with ease. “Alright, one foot in…now start pedali…crap.” *CRASH* “Wow, that was embarassing, glad no one was around to see that.” After a few trys,  I was well on my way to Gabes.

Gabe and I had a great cruise. I’m not going to lie, those hills can be pretty brutal. However, I was  suprised at how fast time flys compared  to running. “How far you think we’ve gone so far?” I asked expecting to hear about 5 miles. “9 miles, I’d say”, he replied. We biked for 16 miles and it felt wonderful. Although, I do wish I had worn those padded butt shorts my mom told me to put on…SORE. Also, I’m going to have gorilla size quads when all is said and done. It is quite the work out. Cycling is an excellent way to achieve fitness and experience nature on an intimate level. I can’t wait to continue and see where the bike takes me.

Thank you for reading! leave a comment if ya like 🙂

4 thoughts on “Let The Biking Begin

  1. inspirational …

    now to get nick into biking… this could be a huge thing for him healthwise if we could turn his love of biking into a sport …

    lets find a day when i get back to get his bike up to speed and book some time for the 2 of you ..

  2. yo bro glad to hear the biking is enjoyable. the reflection is pretty freeeekin schaweet and the quads are going to be some scary szhizznizz, rock worthy no doubt.

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