Tomorrow, I run.

Almost a year ago, on my birthday, I texted a friend : “Next year, I’m running the Boston Marathon!” This dream became a goal. I began to run. After my first couple runs, I felt a pinch in my chest. This pinch came more and more. My chest began to terrorize me. On several occasions, I woke up in agonizing pain. I had to breath slow, and make subtle movements. Through fear and pain, I was driven to the doctors. I had my heart looked at. All tests came back clean. However, this was enough to discourage me to run. I was haunted by the idea that this chest pain would return and with full force if I encouraged it. The idea, the goal, the dream had gone into hiding…

Seven months later, I found myself at my computer. I was bored with life. I needed something to do. Then it hit me. It hit me fast and without warning. The Marathon. The idea brewed within me, until the dream was reborn. I began to run…hard. I ran, and I trained, and I ran some more. Four and a half months later, and the dream is about to become a reality. Ha, I can’t believe it’s here….already. On every run I have been on, I pictured myself at this moment. How much stronger would I be? How much endurance would I posses? Could I sustain a healthy diet for 5 months? Would my body be able to handle this?

Through the Lord, diligent weight lifting, and healthy dieting, I am here. I am a machine. I am at the peak of my physical existence. 20 pounds heavier with adrenaline pulsing through my veins,  not even a fool would stand between me and my race, now. Those who scoffed and questioned my ability to run this race, will be left shamed. Even the Taylor of the past is a fool for being uncertain. Tomorrow, my day will be here. Tomorrow, I run the Boston Marathon. (Que. music)

Stay tuned for a post on the race!

: )

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