A Shout out Post of EPIC PROPORTIONS!! with our fists held high!!!! (Not a serious post. For the good stuff, read below!)

hey yo! Gabe! this is Steve. here it is doo. this is your shout out. sup brusef-

Yo Yo Yo Dis is T-dawg. Whaddup to my Sutton homies livin’ the collge lifestyle! We got Shane “150%” Murphy, Max “Situation” Holloway, Mark “one beer qeer” Ryan, Evan “cheapass” Baltzell, Chris “F-bomb” Butrym. You are always in my ‚̧

steve: true

Taylor: Oh, hey Steve. What’s up dude?

steve: pretty much nothing. but that’s a complete lie why whats up with you

Taylor: Oh, ya know, It’s All Hallow’s Eve and I’m straight chillin in my best bros livin room. Oh, did you hear?

stevo: oh sick doo mee too it’s so bomb . i dont really know what i’m doing right now but dont tell anyone


sStTeEvVeE: nah brotastica, what beats are hittin the streets?

Taylor: Word on the street is: dees two foos gonna reach a thousand views dis month!

Silly Steve: hOT damn

TENACIOUS TAYLOR: keith got game

stevers: right?

What you just witnessed is a sample of the average interaction between Men (facial hair aside).. ūüė• but anyway, thanks for reading the post! If you are interested, the meat and potatoes of the blog is below this laughably fresh one. Get a full meal of Trailing The Sun!!! With any Trailing The Sun meal comes a spectacular kids toy! like a dinosaur or a…dog.

over and out

-Stephen “HFVBTLNNBG” Kerr

-Taylor “saurus rex” Thibodeau


Hey All! We have offically have over a 1000 views! Thank you all for taking an interest in our trip. We will try to keep things interesting for ya.

If you feel so inclined, we now have the option to DONATE funds to our trip! Any amount of $ is generous. Thank you all so much for reading our blog. Have a lovely day

God bless!

P.S. Check out the “Meet Taylor and Steve” and “Map of the Route” buttons. They’re NEW!

Escape the Cape

EVERYONE: “So, when will you guys be leaving?”

TAYLOR:”January 1st”

*awkward silence*

With logical reason, many folks question our decision to depart in January. So, why are we leaving during the heart of Winter? Originally, it made the most sense to us. Until December, Steve was planning on serving at Americorps while I finished my 3rd semester at Worcester State. We wanted to get traveling as soon as possible, so we could come back¬†to school¬†for the¬†Fall. ¬†However, as usual, life had plans of it’s own. As¬†some of you know, I work full time at EMC and Steve is¬†home working full time+ at Keown¬†Orchards.¬†Though our schedules changed, the start date has¬†remained the same.¬†We couldnt think of a ¬†better way to start off the year of 2012. I relish the idea of cycling through snow, ice, and treacherous weather conditions.¬†Anyone can¬†leave¬†with the warm spring breeze kissing their face,¬†but few dare to pedal¬†through the winter winds of North America. I want to face every challenge my country has for me!

Take care and God Bless!

–Taylor T

P.S. Is that a new shirt? It looks great on you ūüėČ

T minus 2 months and 9 days

Finding Joy in Every Day

I know the bike trip is coming ever closer, but I cannot forget to enjoy what I am doing right now. It’s true, Friday the 21st of october was never a highly anticipated day, but it is a day and a part of my life nonetheless. So I have a lot of choices to make today worthwhile. I can take a backseat and just bask in the satire of my daily goings-on; I could transform what might have been an average day into one where I explore avenues I never have before; I could start new relationships, end old relationships, change current relationships; The possibilities could go on for a while.

We simply don’t have time to be unfulfilled. Of course, that doesn’t mean I am going to avoid being unhappy, because there is a balance in life, and not to mention I particularly enjoy moping around grumbling and being unpleasant sometimes. The best part is, even if we don’t get to everything we want to do, there is yet another thing after life anyway.

In summary: It is best to treat your life as a piece of art; a creation that truly inspires you and everything you believe in. It is the ultimate art, since you are both the creator and the canvas. And if things don’t go as planned, that’s alright to.

This is me enjoying the day on my bike.

On Running and Swimming

Steve Kerr ‘Live’ from life:

Today, I ran a 9 miler and stopped at my old high school to chat with my former XC coach, Bill Gillin. The assistant coach, Jennie Allen, was there too. They are some of the greatest people around, and if you know them you should give them a pat on the back. If you don’t, you should trust me and have me pass on a nice message to them! spread the love.

So we talked about all kinds of exciting things, and then I was back on my way with the run.

Let me start by saying it was raining fairly hard when I first left around 3:30. Once I got back outside, it was the second great flood, Sutton, MA Edition. I didn’t know you could run and swim at the same time, but I certainly experienced it today. What with Uxbridge Rd. hill, the crazy wind and rain, the bitter cold foiled with the smell of old wood hearths of the houses nearby, and stunning views of foliage and old time new england style, I was enchanted. Also, I felt like a badass pummeling through the conditions, and I couldn’t help smiling while I imagined the Ironman, and how I truly have the challenge of my life ahead of me.

But that’s all mushy stuff. My feet were soaked, my hair was flapping in my face (it’s over 10 inches long now), and cars were speeding along haphazardly. It was a rush!

I had to keep reminding myself that it is a long road ahead and that I do not have to run too fast, yet. I need to build a base, and become as injury resistant as humanly possible (kind of ironic, isn’t it?)

Well, I hope you enjoyed this brief journey into my reflections, and it might delight you to know that I am just as interested in hearing back from you as you may possibly be in reading this. So reply! Message! Comment! Email! Send a courier, for heaven’s sake! do something! It never hurt to communicate a little bit. If there is one thing I’ve learned, it is that within every possibility, there lies a great opportunity.


That makes things a bit easier, huh?



We have a sponsorship!

Taylor Speaking:

Here I am, sitting on Steve’s MAC trying to think of something relevant to blog about. I suppose it’s about time I updated you on current events.

The Visgatis family has unstoppable generosity. Since this trip is going to cost a great deal of dough, it is crucial that I continue to find work outside of EMC. Whenever I can spare time away from corporate America and high endurance training, I have the privilege of looking after 3 young boys. Luke is the youngest. At just 9 years of age, he surprises me with great intelligence. With a never fading energy, he is by far the most outrageous and colorful of the gang. He reminds me a great deal of my younger self. Nicholas is 11 years old. His kind heart is seen throughout each interaction we have. He is always ready to serve and often puts himself last. What a role model he will make for the younger generation. Christian is 13. He has hit the age where my supervision is not always necessary, however, we enjoy a Qdoba/movie adventure now and again. He helps me maintain the other two.

Over the last 12 months, I have grown to love the visgatis family. Nancy, aka: super mom, is a wonderful woman. She loves her children and dedicates all of her energy to train them to grow into fine adults. Frank, aka: our HERO, co-owns Customer Centric Selling. He provides sales training and sales performance improvement.

After a ferocious winter storm in December 2010, I was asked to shovel the Visgatis’ walkway. While working, I began to share with Nancy my dreams of cycling across the country. “Have Frank sponsor you”, she suggested. For the last 10 months, I had hoped that this would happen, until last week when…

Frank  graciously offered to sponsor our trip!

Here is the deal:

1)Frank will match dollar for dollar any sponsors we pick up from now, until take off.

2)Frank will match dollar for dollar the money that either Steve or I earn from working for him family.

3)God is GOOD!

I guess what it all really boils down to is the fact that I am extremely grateful for Frank and Nancy. WE HAVE A SPONSORSHIP!

T minus 2 months and 20 days.