On Running and Swimming

Steve Kerr ‘Live’ from life:

Today, I ran a 9 miler and stopped at my old high school to chat with my former XC coach, Bill Gillin. The assistant coach, Jennie Allen, was there too. They are some of the greatest people around, and if you know them you should give them a pat on the back. If you don’t, you should trust me and have me pass on a nice message to them! spread the love.

So we talked about all kinds of exciting things, and then I was back on my way with the run.

Let me start by saying it was raining fairly hard when I first left around 3:30. Once I got back outside, it was the second great flood, Sutton, MA Edition. I didn’t know you could run and swim at the same time, but I certainly experienced it today. What with Uxbridge Rd. hill, the crazy wind and rain, the bitter cold foiled with the smell of old wood hearths of the houses nearby, and stunning views of foliage and old time new england style, I was enchanted. Also, I felt like a badass pummeling through the conditions, and I couldn’t help smiling while I imagined the Ironman, and how I truly have the challenge of my life ahead of me.

But that’s all mushy stuff. My feet were soaked, my hair was flapping in my face (it’s over 10 inches long now), and cars were speeding along haphazardly. It was a rush!

I had to keep reminding myself that it is a long road ahead and that I do not have to run too fast, yet. I need to build a base, and become as injury resistant as humanly possible (kind of ironic, isn’t it?)

Well, I hope you enjoyed this brief journey into my reflections, and it might delight you to know that I am just as interested in hearing back from you as you may possibly be in reading this. So reply! Message! Comment! Email! Send a courier, for heaven’s sake! do something! It never hurt to communicate a little bit. If there is one thing I’ve learned, it is that within every possibility, there lies a great opportunity.


That makes things a bit easier, huh?



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