Escape the Cape

EVERYONE: “So, when will you guys be leaving?”

TAYLOR:”January 1st”

*awkward silence*

With logical reason, many folks question our decision to depart in January. So, why are we leaving during the heart of Winter? Originally, it made the most sense to us. Until December, Steve was planning on serving at Americorps while I finished my 3rd semester at Worcester State. We wanted to get traveling as soon as possible, so we could come back to school for the Fall.  However, as usual, life had plans of it’s own. As some of you know, I work full time at EMC and Steve is home working full time+ at Keown Orchards. Though our schedules changed, the start date has remained the same. We couldnt think of a  better way to start off the year of 2012. I relish the idea of cycling through snow, ice, and treacherous weather conditions. Anyone can leave with the warm spring breeze kissing their face, but few dare to pedal through the winter winds of North America. I want to face every challenge my country has for me!

Take care and God Bless!

–Taylor T

P.S. Is that a new shirt? It looks great on you 😉

T minus 2 months and 9 days

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