Finding Joy in Every Day

I know the bike trip is coming ever closer, but I cannot forget to enjoy what I am doing right now. It’s true, Friday the 21st of october was never a highly anticipated day, but it is a day and a part of my life nonetheless. So I have a lot of choices to make today worthwhile. I can take a backseat and just bask in the satire of my daily goings-on; I could transform what might have been an average day into one where I explore avenues I never have before; I could start new relationships, end old relationships, change current relationships; The possibilities could go on for a while.

We simply don’t have time to be unfulfilled. Of course, that doesn’t mean I am going to avoid being unhappy, because there is a balance in life, and not to mention I particularly enjoy moping around grumbling and being unpleasant sometimes. The best part is, even if we don’t get to everything we want to do, there is yet another thing after life anyway.

In summary: It is best to treat your life as a piece of art; a creation that truly inspires you and everything you believe in. It is the ultimate art, since you are both the creator and the canvas. And if things don’t go as planned, that’s alright to.

This is me enjoying the day on my bike.

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