Question time!

Steve has some questions for YOU, reader. (you can post answers/suggestions on the comments)

1. What small musical instrument should I take on the trip?

2. Should we start off the trip with the polar plunge in boston?

3. Do you want to share our website on your Facebook, Twitter, etc. so we become more popular and have you to thank for it?

the answer to number 3 is YES

Now, if you have any questions for me or Taylor, you can post that as a question as well!

some examples: (what will you be doing in Texas?) (what is your favorite color and why?)




Why is it so warm in November?

I am not sure why, but it’s kind of nice. At this rate, Taylor and I will be having an even more shortened winter than we were already going to have. As long as I am around for Christmas to celebrate with my family, I don’t mind having a short winter. I’m outside on the porch, in the sunny 60 degrees. I am raking in more supplies for the trip, and every time I get one, there is another on the list waiting to be purchased. Taylor and I got our tents recently, and I got to test mine at 33 degrees in the pooring rain in my backyard. No hypothermia, not a drop of rain on me or in the tent! Good to have evidence of my security on the trip. Did I mention there is roughly a month until the starting gun? Because there is.

I might be getting another job on top of Keown’s Orchards, if I can balance the hours. The SHS Indoor Track team needs an assistant to help with the team, and I could hardly pass up the chance to hang out in the halls of Sutton High with the trackies again. That goes on the list of things I will miss on the bike trip. Hey, there’s an Idea; I will write a partial list of that right now!

Things I will  miss while trailing the sun:

  • Sutton Track and Field
  • Easter with the family
  • the whole season of spring in New England
  • walking around the neighborhood with friends
  • lazy days at home
  • my mom’s breakfast
  • obviously all of my family
  • obviously all of my friends
  • my dogs, Mak and Pic
  • my upright bass! 😥
  • all the other instruments 😦
  • eating apples at Keown’s all day
  • not having the guts to ask certain girls out!
  • seeing all my good friends who I haven’t seen in too long and desperately need to keep in touch with before we fall out of contact completely
  • Sutton Ultimate Summer League! hopefully I’ll be back in time to repeat as Super bowl champs
  • my bed (s)
  • Kim’s family dinners


A Change of Pace

With the changing of seasons, the sun falls behind the horizon earlier each day. Now, the moon is king.

Today, I found myself simply staring at my lonely computer screen in my lonely cube. Less and less work is available at EMC. I decided it was time to call it a day. For you see, the sun is not the only weary one. I too have grown exhausted. Without hesitation, I unplugged my laptop for the last time. I stuffed it into its bag and stood upright. With a sigh, and my head held high, I gave a farewell wave to the old building.”I’ll see you again soon enough” I thought as I turned and headed toward my car.

I anticipate the weeks leading up to the trip with excitement! I will be putting my hands to use at Keown Orchards. With flexible hours, I can now train harder and with more energy.

With only 47 days to go, there is much to be purchased. Money is tight. I hope I can make enough!

Thanks for stopping by, and remember to keep it real,

Taylor T

Photo Cred: Gabe Winant

This Past Week

Taylor in the house:

Hey erry’body! This post will be fact oriented. I thought I’d catch you up on current events. The other day I purchased 1,000 “TrailingTheSun” bracelets! Let us know if you are interested in wearing one! Our buddy Gabe Winant tipped us off about panniers on sale at TheClymb.Com, so I bought myself some excellent front panniers for a great price. We also spent a decent amount of time searching for the proper camping equipment we need to purchase, yet. The ball is really rolling now.

Beginning today, we hope to cover the Worcester County area with flyers I made last week. If you have access to a prime flyer location, let us know! We are trying to put them up in busy locations.

As some of you know, I want to repaint my bike a brick red. This week, Steve and I began the process of repainting our old bikes as a test run. The process is taking longer than anticipated–it’s hard work! Pictures will be up soon.

Thanks as always for stopping by! With the trip only 8 weeks away, things are really beginning to get exciting!

God bless,

Taylor Thibodeau


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