This Past Week

Taylor in the house:

Hey erry’body! This post will be fact oriented. I thought I’d catch you up on current events. The other day I purchased 1,000 “TrailingTheSun” bracelets! Let us know if you are interested in wearing one! Our buddy Gabe Winant tipped us off about panniers on sale at TheClymb.Com, so I bought myself some excellent front panniers for a great price. We also spent a decent amount of time searching for the proper camping equipment we need to purchase, yet. The ball is really rolling now.

Beginning today, we hope to cover the Worcester County area with flyers I made last week. If you have access to a prime flyer location, let us know! We are trying to put them up in busy locations.

As some of you know, I want to repaint my bike a brick red. This week, Steve and I began the process of repainting our old bikes as a test run. The process is taking longer than anticipated–it’s hard work! Pictures will be up soon.

Thanks as always for stopping by! With the trip only 8 weeks away, things are really beginning to get exciting!

God bless,

Taylor Thibodeau


P.S. Feel free to leave a comment! It’s easy and it means so much to hear back from our readers!

One thought on “This Past Week

  1. Hi Taylor!! Can you send me some bracelets? That would be awesome cuz we would love to support you and your friend Steve in this incredible adventure you are about to start in 43 days….let me know and I will email you my home address…

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