A Change of Pace

With the changing of seasons, the sun falls behind the horizon earlier each day. Now, the moon is king.

Today, I found myself simply staring at my lonely computer screen in my lonely cube. Less and less work is available at EMC. I decided it was time to call it a day. For you see, the sun is not the only weary one. I too have grown exhausted. Without hesitation, I unplugged my laptop for the last time. I stuffed it into its bag and stood upright. With a sigh, and my head held high, I gave a farewell wave to the old building.”I’ll see you again soon enough” I thought as I turned and headed toward my car.

I anticipate the weeks leading up to the trip with excitement! I will be putting my hands to use at Keown Orchards. With flexible hours, I can now train harder and with more energy.

With only 47 days to go, there is much to be purchased. Money is tight. I hope I can make enough!

Thanks for stopping by, and remember to keep it real,

Taylor T

Photo Cred: Gabe Winant

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