Why is it so warm in November?

I am not sure why, but it’s kind of nice. At this rate, Taylor and I will be having an even more shortened winter than we were already going to have. As long as I am around for Christmas to celebrate with my family, I don’t mind having a short winter. I’m outside on the porch, in the sunny 60 degrees. I am raking in more supplies for the trip, and every time I get one, there is another on the list waiting to be purchased. Taylor and I got our tents recently, and I got to test mine at 33 degrees in the pooring rain in my backyard. No hypothermia, not a drop of rain on me or in the tent! Good to have evidence of my security on the trip. Did I mention there is roughly a month until the starting gun? Because there is.

I might be getting another job on top of Keown’s Orchards, if I can balance the hours. The SHS Indoor Track team needs an assistant to help with the team, and I could hardly pass up the chance to hang out in the halls of Sutton High with the trackies again. That goes on the list of things I will miss on the bike trip. Hey, there’s an Idea; I will write a partial list of that right now!

Things I will  miss while trailing the sun:

  • Sutton Track and Field
  • Easter with the family
  • the whole season of spring in New England
  • walking around the neighborhood with friends
  • lazy days at home
  • my mom’s breakfast
  • obviously all of my family
  • obviously all of my friends
  • my dogs, Mak and Pic
  • my upright bass! 😥
  • all the other instruments 😦
  • eating apples at Keown’s all day
  • not having the guts to ask certain girls out!
  • seeing all my good friends who I haven’t seen in too long and desperately need to keep in touch with before we fall out of contact completely
  • Sutton Ultimate Summer League! hopefully I’ll be back in time to repeat as Super bowl champs
  • my bed (s)
  • Kim’s family dinners


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