Question time!

Steve has some questions for YOU, reader. (you can post answers/suggestions on the comments)

1. What small musical instrument should I take on the trip?

2. Should we start off the trip with the polar plunge in boston?

3. Do you want to share our website on your Facebook, Twitter, etc. so we become more popular and have you to thank for it?

the answer to number 3 is YES

Now, if you have any questions for me or Taylor, you can post that as a question as well!

some examples: (what will you be doing in Texas?) (what is your favorite color and why?)




7 thoughts on “Question time!

  1. def a harmonica …

    NO to the polar plunge … you don’t want to start your trip with a deficit /shock to your body 🙂

    already shared the website

  2. i agree with both mike and nancy. def a harmonica, so you an come back and serenade us with your newly acquired skills. either that or a fiddle. i like those. and i would say yes with the polar plunge as well. that would make the beginning of your trip easier because it just can’t get much colder than that.

  3. Hey guys,

    My name is Meghan O’Keefe I am the social media coordinator at Ironman. We are trying to expand our digital cross over and would be interested in working with you guys as you make your journey across America and train for St. George! If you would be interested let me know I think it would be fun.

  4. Hey Taylor,
    I have close friends in Columbus OH, Somerset KY, Glasgow KY, Tulsa OK, Wichita KS, Dallas TX, Houston TX, Colorado Springs, parts of California, and other places. Let me know if you’re going through any of those areas and I’ll see what I can do.

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