The weather is looking good for the way down to Florida. Thank God!

I did not envy cycling through ice.

side note: I am just getting over a bad virus- throwing up and other yucky stuff all day, and haven’t had more than 6 pickle slices since 7 am. That’s alright though! It is through my system now!

I am very ready to get started on the newest adventure of my life.


3 Days Left at Home

Before we leave, I have some important stuff to do. I have plenty of people to see, a track team to help coach, a facebook account to deactivate, and a whole lot more. Some rain pants are on the list, as well as some kind of instrument to purchase before I leave. Probably a small durable ukelele.

Right now, I am watching a movie on my lap top on the couch, with a few sleeping counterparts:

Pic shares the couch with me
Meg had a tough basketball practice
Mak is exhausted


































I’ll pass out soon too


95% ready to go..

So here is my bike so far:











It’s looking fairly snazzy I suppose. There remain only a handful of things to purchase/set up before I am ready to roll out. I would treat you to a picture of my potential gear sprawled across my room, but I’m sure you can imagine it. I keep getting asked if I am nervous. I suppose the whole thing is fairly straightforward so I see no reason to be! Check it out:

Seven Simplified Steps to Have Yourself A Merry Little Bike Trip

  1. Inform loved ones of plans
  2. Obtain bicycle
  3. Obtain additional gear
  4. Obtain money
  5. Plan overnights
  6. Nut up!
  7. Go

Seems just as easy as regular old suburban life, right? Wrong! Taylor and I will probably face our fair share of dilemmas along the way, and will probably create some if we don’t run into any. Either way, it is indeed christmas eve. For all my Christmas-ers out there, have a merry one. For all my Hannukah-ers, I hope you enjoy the 5th night in.

Peace, love, and hopes of tasty holiday cooking to all,


Steve Runs Barefoot.

Erupting with energy, I spin my ipod dial to “MGMT”, and trail closely behind Steve as he busts through his stubborn front door. An unwelcoming gust of winter chill is waiting for us. As I parallel myself to Steve, I notice he is running barefoot like some sort of maniac. In his hand he holds his worn and torn Addidas sandals. He tells me he will put them on when we get to our destination; Subway.

As we cruise along, it is impossible not to fall into thoughts of our trip. I fantasize about the iron man and all the glory it will bring. “Bragging rights for life…cool.” The pride that comes from completing the toughest all day endurance event is well deserved, however, there seems to be infinite training left for Steve and I before we can claim such an honor. The road will be rough, tough, and there are sure to be a few meltdowns. One thing that I can say with certainty is: I will keep going until I can’t go anymore. I know Steve well enough to know that he feels the same.

I watch as Steve makes a high effort to avoid any pebbles, glass, or other obstacles that could cause damage to his feet. He’s playing a game of frogger. The music blasting in my ears fills me with adrenaline. The sweet sound is interrupted only by the occasional snot rocket Steve launches from his nostril.

To face the winter wind, I’m repping our very own “Trailing The Sun” hoodie. Fighting the cold successfully also requires I stuff my legs into a pair of under armor pants. Yes, it is cold. Yet, Steve looks like he’s ready for the beach. He’s comfortable wearing short shorts and a tank top.

Well, we best be off to get some laps in at the Whitin Community Center! As always, we appreciate you for stopping by. It means a lot that you take the time to show interest in our lives.

Stop by anytime and God bless,



T Minus 17 Days

All my gear is sprawled across my floor, looking like the aftermath of a war. But the war is just getting started!

The war Taylor and I have waged on our comfortable suburban lifestyles is taking full swing. We can often be found bracing against the cold on our bikes at 6:30 am, camping overnight in 20 degree weather, and cooking the bulk of our own meals, which consist predominantly of whole foods (some notable exceptions include my mom’s chex mix and 1 frozen pizza, as well as Taylor’s pasta staple).

We know the road ahead is truly taxing. Yes, it will come with times to relax and take an observant approach, but those alligators won’t fight themselves, you know! So training is in full swing. Here is a sample average training day for the two of us:


  • wake up at 11
  • eat 18 pounds of pasta
  • do 200 push ups
  • mounds of mashed potatoes and mixed veggies at work
  • run 10 miles
  • bike and swim workout with steve


  • wake up at 8
  • bike around for an hour, finally ending up at work
  • instruct and participate as Assistant Coach for Sutton HS Track
  • homemade soup (about a half gallon’s worth)
  • bike a little bit more
  • peanuts, marshmallows, ritz crackers, toast, and whatever else is within 5 feet
  • bike and swim workout with Taylor

So the cogs are really spinning now (cycling joke anyone?). I will let you go until next time, I need to put my nose back in a road map.



Trailing The Sun for a cause!

The two of us have officially decided to raise money through our trip! The organization is K.I.D.S, or Kids In Distressed Situations; The non profit helps Children living in undesirable circumstances such as chronic poverty, life-altering and debilitating conditions, and children in communities struck by natural disaster. You can find more information on the page titled ‘Our Cause.’


– Taylor and Steve