T Minus 17 Days

All my gear is sprawled across my floor, looking like the aftermath of a war. But the war is just getting started!

The war Taylor and I have waged on our comfortable suburban lifestyles is taking full swing. We can often be found bracing against the cold on our bikes at 6:30 am, camping overnight in 20 degree weather, and cooking the bulk of our own meals, which consist predominantly of whole foods (some notable exceptions include my mom’s chex mix and 1 frozen pizza, as well as Taylor’s pasta staple).

We know the road ahead is truly taxing. Yes, it will come with times to relax and take an observant approach, but those alligators won’t fight themselves, you know! So training is in full swing. Here is a sample average training day for the two of us:


  • wake up at 11
  • eat 18 pounds of pasta
  • do 200 push ups
  • mounds of mashed potatoes and mixed veggies at work
  • run 10 miles
  • bike and swim workout with steve


  • wake up at 8
  • bike around for an hour, finally ending up at work
  • instruct and participate as Assistant Coach for Sutton HS Track
  • homemade soup (about a half gallon’s worth)
  • bike a little bit more
  • peanuts, marshmallows, ritz crackers, toast, and whatever else is within 5 feet
  • bike and swim workout with Taylor

So the cogs are really spinning now (cycling joke anyone?). I will let you go until next time, I need to put my nose back in a road map.



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