Steve Runs Barefoot.

Erupting with energy, I spin my ipod dial to “MGMT”, and trail closely behind Steve as he busts through his stubborn front door. An unwelcoming gust of winter chill is waiting for us. As I parallel myself to Steve, I notice he is running barefoot like some sort of maniac. In his hand he holds his worn and torn Addidas sandals. He tells me he will put them on when we get to our destination; Subway.

As we cruise along, it is impossible not to fall into thoughts of our trip. I fantasize about the iron man and all the glory it will bring. “Bragging rights for life…cool.” The pride that comes from completing the toughest all day endurance event is well deserved, however, there seems to be infinite training left for Steve and I before we can claim such an honor. The road will be rough, tough, and there are sure to be a few meltdowns. One thing that I can say with certainty is: I will keep going until I can’t go anymore. I know Steve well enough to know that he feels the same.

I watch as Steve makes a high effort to avoid any pebbles, glass, or other obstacles that could cause damage to his feet. He’s playing a game of frogger. The music blasting in my ears fills me with adrenaline. The sweet sound is interrupted only by the occasional snot rocket Steve launches from his nostril.

To face the winter wind, I’m repping our very own “Trailing The Sun” hoodie. Fighting the cold successfully also requires I stuff my legs into a pair of under armor pants. Yes, it is cold. Yet, Steve looks like he’s ready for the beach. He’s comfortable wearing short shorts and a tank top.

Well, we best be off to get some laps in at the Whitin Community Center! As always, we appreciate you for stopping by. It means a lot that you take the time to show interest in our lives.

Stop by anytime and God bless,



2 thoughts on “Steve Runs Barefoot.

  1. stopped by 🙂 .. i can’t believe its 2 weeks ago .. as we cheer for you there will be a HUGE void at the visgatis home !! .. its very CHILLY out today .. just plugged in the chickens water heater !!

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