95% ready to go..

So here is my bike so far:











It’s looking fairly snazzy I suppose. There remain only a handful of things to purchase/set up before I am ready to roll out. I would treat you to a picture of my potential gear sprawled across my room, but I’m sure you can imagine it. I keep getting asked if I am nervous. I suppose the whole thing is fairly straightforward so I see no reason to be! Check it out:

Seven Simplified Steps to Have Yourself A Merry Little Bike Trip

  1. Inform loved ones of plans
  2. Obtain bicycle
  3. Obtain additional gear
  4. Obtain money
  5. Plan overnights
  6. Nut up!
  7. Go

Seems just as easy as regular old suburban life, right? Wrong! Taylor and I will probably face our fair share of dilemmas along the way, and will probably create some if we don’t run into any. Either way, it is indeed christmas eve. For all my Christmas-ers out there, have a merry one. For all my Hannukah-ers, I hope you enjoy the 5th night in.

Peace, love, and hopes of tasty holiday cooking to all,


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