The weather is looking good for the way down to Florida. Thank God!

I did not envy cycling through ice.

side note: I am just getting over a bad virus- throwing up and other yucky stuff all day, and haven’t had more than 6 pickle slices since 7 am. That’s alright though! It is through my system now!

I am very ready to get started on the newest adventure of my life.


6 thoughts on “Excited!!

  1. oh boy steve..that sounds rottne 😦 .. glad you are done now and can concentrate on rebuilding your strength … rest up today .. Happy New Year and God Speed

  2. Hope it’s getting warmer and dryer for you as you travel south. Pedal till you can’t pedal any more. My finger’s are crossed and I am saying some prayers for you and Steve that you stay healthy. Soar as high as you can while following your dreams! Love ya..

    Auntie Donna

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