Hans Is Tall

Exhaustion is taking over my body as I sit in the kitchen of Hans’ house. Steve and I just enjoyed a plate of cooked vegetables and tofu. We have traveled approx. 120 miles since the start of our trip. The weight of our bikes is nearing 100 pounds. This causes us to travel at a much slower pace than we would like. With that being said, we are happy with our distance.

Hans is a tall man. He stands at 6’6” with blonde hair that surpasses his shoulders. At 24 years old, he has a kind face. This gentle giant is allowing Steve and I to stay the night in his home in New Haven Connecticut: the 4th most dangerous city in America ranked by the FBI.

As I scoop another handful of goldfish, a wave of physical and mental exhaustion rams into me. (Please excuse the brevity of this post…things will change as we progress and my posts will be filled with more detail.)

Let me sum up the day:

1) Woke up after hardly any sleep because the tent was on bumpy frozen ground and toes were numb. It had rained most of the night and everything was soaked. lesson learned: don’t leave shoes where rain can access them…DUH. We had been visited in the night by Deer!

2) Breakfast at Dunkin Donuts/uploaded pictures and charged phones.

3) Hills

4) C-c-c-c-cold

5) Beautiful houses & farms

6) Rams (male sheep)

7) Bananas and PB & J

8) C-c-c-cold

9) New Haven!


As always…GOD BLESS!


Taylor Mason Thibodeau

Pictures of the day:

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5 thoughts on “Hans Is Tall

  1. When camping in the cold, being dry is the most important thing, next get off the ground, put everything you own under you… Ride with your head high, wheels low…

  2. Thank You Hans!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! God Bless you!! xoxo, mom t.

    (yes, Hax is right! Basically, sleep in your birthday suit as to warm up the sleeping bag and put everything else under the sleeping bag!)

    Once again, I love the pictures!!!

    oh, and the FOURTH MOST DANGEROUS CITY ACCORDING TO THE FBI????? HELLO!!!!! (Well, that just might change things for Aksel, seeing as how he wants to go to the University of New Haven… any thoughts Hans????)

    Love you!!!! mom

  3. I am very jealous of your adventure! I love reading your blog and will partner with your mom and many others in praying for your safety! This is a chance in a lifetime….enjoy every minute of it!

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