Hills. Lots and Lots of Hills.

Well, here we are! One day down and 179 to go!

I am currently sitting in a Dunkin Donuts in Columbia Connecticut with numb toes and snarled hair.

We are in a bit of a rush, but we will blog in depth when we get to to our destination: Hans’ house in New Haven CT.

I want to thank everyone for their encouragement and kind words…it’s truly uplifting and motivational. WE NEED IT!

Until tonight, take it easy.


Here are some pictures taken so far:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3 thoughts on “Hills. Lots and Lots of Hills.

  1. about your snarled hair comment .. i am on record for telling taylor to CUT THAT HAIR before departing …. 🙂
    you guys look cold ! .
    p.s taylor.. in addition to leaving your moose munch and jelly bellies ( which i ate ) you also left your dunkin donuts gift card…i’ll have a peppermint mocha coffee in your honor 🙂

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