Leaving Connecticut

Upon leaving Connecticut, Taylor and I were faced with a different story, a different (progressively urban) landscape, and some new mindsets as well.

Our story continues at 4:15 am. I am awake. I hear Taylor get up and stumble to the bathroom. Shortly after his return to his futon, I leave my mattress and do the same.

7:15 am: Taylor and I are jolted awake by a knock on the door. Another knock. Another knock (this could continue). Taylor and I are hesitant to take the door, but soon enough Sequoia wakes up. In comes Willy, a friend of Sequoia’s who we were informed would be coming over. Breakfast is soon cooked, and we are enjoying a chat over blueberry* pancakes and a savory omelette hash hybrid.

Willy has to be out by 9, but before he departs he graciously invites us to spend a night at his Manhattan office if we have no better luck.

10:00 am: Sequoia, Taylor, and I head out south on route 1, the two of them snapping pictures and videos on the way. We get some at the library where the fateful meeting took place. We are soon bound to part ways, and say our goodbyes across from the Darien YMCA. Sequoia heads to his swim workout, and Taylor and I head for the city so nice, they named it twice.

With 2 exceptions, the next 6 hours are filled with breakneck riding (a relative term; we were averaging around 15 mph, but that is quite a thing on a 100lb bike), endless stoplights (route 1…), and food when we need it.

Exception number 1: Taylor and I attract the attention of a reporter from the city of Stamford. She asks some questions, takes some pictures, and we are back on our way!

Exception number 2: We are notified by Momma Thibodeau that there is a house waiting for us. Her acquaintance from school came to the rescue and her family offered hospitality to us for the night. We are unendingly thankful for them allowing us to stay here.

4:15: We are witnesses to the wonders of a growing family. The Tremblays have 4 children. Ryan is a computer whiz with interests ranging from animating to building computers. Tula got good use out of her new EZ Bake Oven from Christmas. Colin has infinite energy, and Luke is one of the most laid back 10 month olds out there!

We play Minecraft with Ryan and watch Ray on Black Entertainment Television. Sleep is in the near future.

*Could have been huckleberry…


8 thoughts on “Leaving Connecticut

    1. Hey Ryan! Thanks for entertaining my boys tonight! I bet they loved playing minecraft! I know they feel very welcome in your home and I am sooo grateful to you and your family for that! Please thank your mom and dad again for their generous hospitality for me! Take Care, Ryan!

      Taylor’s mom

  1. Just read you post for the 4th!!! So glad everything worked out!!! It goes to show you even small towns( Boylston ) can still hold surprises…. With a little assist from fb!!

    1. Thanks to YOU Heidi!!!! Could not have made that connection without you! Thanks so much for looking out for my boys!!! (small towns like Boylston make it possible to know everyone (and everything about everyone…hahaha!) and Facebook, of course makes it possible to keep in touch 🙂 works for me!

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