Day 5 of Rubber to Pavement

Airplanes coming into New York flew close above Steve and I as vehicles whizzed by. We  both had to agree, the cars sounded a great deal like pod racers from Starwars episode one. Based on the expressions of those  passing by, not too many people travel on route one toward NewBrunswick on a bicycle. After all, it is a truck route….talk about intense. Dodging glass, drains, 18 wheelers, and the occasional water bottle filled with urine, steve and I made our way toward Michael, our host for the night.

Let’s rewind.

At 7:15 I tobbled down the stairs and was greeted by an enthusiastic group of kids. I had a delicious cup of coffee with my Frosted Wheats cereal and a succulent buttered bagel. Such generous hosts the Tremblays were.

By 8:15, Steve and I were heading out of Manhattan. We parked for a moment on a bike path to snap some photos. “See that?”, Steve said as he pointed to a magnificent bridge in the distance. “That’s us.”, he announced. I was pumped. I love riding on bridges. About a mile and a half later, we were at the base of the George Washington Bridge. Demanding respect, this bridge helps countless travelers cross the Hudson River  was too cool to pass up photos. Steve and I stopped a bit to get some good footage.

There are so many beautiful things I would like to take pictures of, but you and I must understand that we are on a tight schedule. We must get out of the cold and do so before dark. There is no time to dilly dally. I often feel unsatisfied with my photos. However, I am beginning to see that less is more.

Anyway, I have a lot in my mind, but I am having a difficult time putting it into words. This may have something to do with our host. He and Steve are currently jamming out in the basement. Steve’s kickin’ butt on the guitar, while Michael bangs on the drums. It’s quite entertaining to listen to and I can’t focus. For dinner, Michael made us pasta with a delicious vodka sauce.

I miss my home. However, I have a new home: the road.

God bless,


Pictures from today:

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9 thoughts on “Day 5 of Rubber to Pavement

  1. I can see all the city smog in your photos.. Also, you website is getting all wonkeyon my phone, I can’t even see what I’m typing. I’m impressed at your camaras ability to see smog I have never seen one that could before.

    Keep on biking!

  2. U 2 R NUTZ traveling in this bitter cold weather, but who am I to stop you from doing what U want?
    I still think your both NUTZ, Especially my Godson!

    May the Lord be with you on your journey,
    Yer gonna need all da help U can git! LOL
    Uncle B

  3. And your home misses you… well, the people in that home miss you… I love your posts… I love your photos… I love you! I love that you are having such a wonderful time on this trip… meeting so many cool people along the way… I knew I should have come along! but, I guess that’s why the word vicarious was invented…sigh…. xoxo, mom

  4. Accuweather says its actually going to be in the mid 50’s out by you! Unbelievable favor Taylor… The Lord is surely in support of this trip! I suspect He has big plans for you, two! (you always did have an “in” with God when it came to the weather…I should have known!) love you!

  5. I find myself waiting an checking alot to see if you too have posted anything..Pictures ect..This is so exciting!
    You guys are great for living your dreams! Have fun!

    I have family and friends in Va and Maryland if you need a parking spot! lol

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