Best Meal of the Trip so Far.

Well, I’m not feeling so hot. Since the start of this trip, filming has  been a challenge and is now turning into a catastrophe. At one point I thought I could finagle something, however, now more problems have risen. It’s safe to say my heart is broken. Biking across the US and filming this trip go hand and hand for me. I hold them at equal levels. I have every setting on my camera the way it should be(or so I absolutely believe) and it’s eating up space like crazy. I have 4 memory cards and they don’t last long…importing them is not possible because they take up so much space. I need to find a way to resize them or something…I just don’t know…What a mess. It’s late and my spirits are low…I need sleep. Still have that damn sore throat, too.

Enough with being negative. I’m having a wonderful time and I am learning so much from this experience. Today was yet again another adventure.


It’s decided…I’m buying an HD camcorder…ASAP.

pictures from the day:

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5 thoughts on “Best Meal of the Trip so Far.

  1. It’s wonderful to be able to ride along with you! I have had my reminder band on for a week now and will continue to wear and pray for you each day! I get the chills just thinking about the lives you will touch not to mention have already touched. Not sure if you will need a place to stay either outside of DC or outside of Atlanta GA but I have a brother in law in each of these places and would be happy to contact them should you need it.
    Be safe and enjoy the ride!

  2. Hey Mike, just want to thank you for taking such good care of my boys!!! Pasta with Vodka Sauce… Wow.. better than Taylor gets at home! haha! From this point to forever, if you need anything out our way… you just find us!! Thanks again, I’m so grateful for you generous heart!! xoxo, mom

    1. Hosting Steve and Taylor was my pleasure! Taylor’s documenting everything reminded me of when I moved to New Jersey and would also take pictures and make videos of everything; and playing with Steve was one of my most memorable jam sessions. Cooking for them was also a lot of fun. I’m flattered to see my pasta with vodka sauce got so famous!

      Keep up with the enthusiasm and positive attitude, guys. You’re bound to leave a trail of big impressions across the country!

      Taylor, an external HD should help you go a little longer but you might also want to consider finding a remote server to host the data you collect. I’m not sure how much that would cost. I could help looking into that, if you’re not familiar with the idea.

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