Spring in January?

3 days ago it was 21 degrees in Manhattan. Now, the sun is shining brightly and the thermometer reads 61 degrees. We really are South bound and my soul is soaring

God, continue to bless the world and all who live in it,


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5 thoughts on “Spring in January?

  1. Praying here in Northbridge Ma.. May God keep you strong in body mind and spirit. May he provide what you need to sustain your long journey. God cover these men in your suit of armor for protection. Show your beauty along the way, so your light will shine on their way. in Jesus name Amen.
    thank you for sharing your journey Lu Ann. I sit in front of you at Church.
    I will continue to pray and look forward to checking in on you.

  2. Following your journey from Uxbridge, MA, Met you guys at work at PR Running as you came in one night, at closing, to spend a gift certificate! Love your energy and adventursome spirit. Roll on, boys! Be safe!!!!

  3. Dear Steve and Taylor,

    We are very much enjoying your posts. They are a comfort to your family and a way for us to share in your lives even though you are fah fah away : )

    I’m sorry I haven’t commented much, I will try to be better I promise!!

    I was hoping to send a care package to Amy’s house. When do you think the arrival destination at Emerald Isle is at this point? I am still having trouble finding you a phone, Steve, but I will find something that is better than what you’ve got at least!
    Please let me know if you need anything before I send out the package.

    Wish I was with you. Stay healthy…..you are good to be listening to what your body is telling you Taylor!!

    Much love xoxoxox Mom K

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