Day 10!

Taylor Here,

I am having an absolute blast on this journey. It’s become apparent to me that it’s up to the individual how much life he lives. We all get the same amount of time to live in a day. It’s how you use that time that matters. I have no more days I’m willing to waste! These past 10 days have been the most lived days I’ve ever known. 517 miles later, and Steve & I are headed to DC!

Here are some pictures I’ve taken the last couple days:

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So there are some things you learn when you spend each day every day on a bike spinning a chain. The things that stand out most are comforts. Every day, Taylor and I generally talk about food, sleep, and people we meet. That is literally about 90%, while joking and laughing make up the last 10% and intersect with the other stuff as well. It is nice to have the simple pleasures of life revealed so naturally. It sometimes is tough to see when there is so much going on.


6 thoughts on “Day 10!

  1. Im so excited for you… And I’m getting this feeling that this won’t be the last of your adventures… Guess I better get used to it! xoxo, mom

  2. I find myself look forward to these post so much everyday…I’m so glad you are enjoying yourselves and I really am looking forward to the book or movie when it over! I’ll be the first in line!

    I love you! Ride safe and smart!

  3. Glad to see you are having the time of your life… so far. I have never been to DC so that little tidbit about the tripod will definitely come in handy, thanks for the heads up on that…lol.

    I was also excited to see your guardian angel is with you!!!

    Love the pictures.

    Stay safe.

    Love ya,

    Auntie Donna

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