4 thoughts on “Sunrise.

  1. Absolutely stunning… I get more envious every day. Virginia is beautiful! (Our view had a thick layer of white over the whole thing… ) Continue to Enjoy Every Minute! xoxo, mom

  2. Wow this is an amazing view to see any time of the day. Keep on Truckin. Praying for you. fill yourself up in all God’s beauty. Thank you for sharing!!!!

  3. really makes you appreciate just how small a world you were living in doesn’t it ??? how absorbed we get in our little postage stamp here on Earth and how much MORE there is !! i think we ALL envy you right now !! course little luke is missing his big bro and is heartbroken by the whole idea … when you are 9 yrs old 6 months seems like a lifetime!! please make seeing lukester one of your first stops home 🙂

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