Cold blows the wind over Richmond

So I started the morning at 7:20 in a comfortable bed at Kit’s house (our host), picked up a book and read until 9:15. It was great! Taylor and I enjoyed our respective bowls of Fruitful Os and Rice Flakes. What we were not aware of was the tornado of Fredericksburg that was raging outside.

Gusts of wind were probably at least 45998 mph. I got hit by a leaf and it hurt!

So for anyone who has never biked north to south on the atlantic coast during december, Route 1 becomes a big part of your life. Route 1 also doesn’t have a shoulder for most of the way. We saw some haunted houses and vintage gas stations along the way. We also saw a sign advertising the newest development, color TVs!

Taylor and I went quickly today… Taylor popped in his headphones and we got on and put the pedals through the motions straight south. We hit the uphills hard, and we ducked out of the wind on the downhills. The miles were melting away. Soon enough I decided to pop my Ipod in too.

We hit the grocery store today too! Food Lion was the choice. Taylor got bread, strawberry jelly, cinnamon pop tarts, and craisins. Yum! I got coconut juice, a cucumber, bananas, Newman-Os, Snickers (for the calories…they taste good too), and animal crackers. We ate lunch at Captain D’s fast seafood, and, at long last, we arrived in Richmond.

Fun fact: It took me 4 hours and fifteen minutes to write this post because I am too busy having fun at Eve’s place CSing!

Peace out-



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One thought on “Cold blows the wind over Richmond

  1. Taylor Sweetie – I think about you all the time. You are giving me grey hairs and worry wrinkles. But I guess at my age that’s to be expected. Glad you seem to have places to stay at night and not camped by the roadside. If you need a place to stay outside of Atlanta, GA, I have a lead in Pine Mountain (one hour north of Atlanta) Also Greer, SC (just over the NC border). Not sure what your route is. Can’t wait to see you. Love, Grandma.

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