The Legend Continues…

Our two brave heroes pick up where they left off as the last dregs of the night wear off and sunlight penetrates the frost for what may be the last time in Taylor and Steve’s journey. The two rose early enough for a continental breakfast, complimentary of a comfortable Super 8 motel.

As the comrades hit the road once again, they turned not in the direction of the next night’s stay, but instead toward the historic Edenton town center, a small town enshrined within the northern Inner Banks, full of cypresses and tranquility. Birds are flying, people are waving, and the day has started!

It seems the true legacy of the two riders lies in the generosity they cannot help but run into. Green Acres Campground ( – Yes; It is the real Green Acres) housed such generosity and donated the price of the heroes’ stay to the K.I.D.S fund. A small grill in Bear Grass also covered the two’s dinner for the night.

Now, it is rest under the lofty pines by the pondside. Steve plays his guitalele while Taylor edits video and takes in the atmosphere. Though it is 6 pm, the air is still a warm 50 degrees, and there is peace in the air.

Tune in for the next leg of the brave heroes’ adventure, which is bound to start horrifyingly early tomorrow morning.

Until next time,



Taylor’s pictures:

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One thought on “The Legend Continues…

  1. Beautiful pics….enjoying following your adventures. Give Amy and JT a call or send an email beforehand if you need anything special when you arrive at Emerald Isle. (603-828-1193,


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