2 thoughts on “Wheels Keep on Spinning Round.

  1. Imagine it as just exploring your incredibly huge back yard. What a world, what a wonderful discovery. I’m sure you are enjoying every minute of it. Too soon you will be back and doing the same old stuff again. Make the most of the moments you have. We are trying to find a way to come visit you during one of our vacations…or maybe a long weekend somehow. ‘Til then, May tomorrow be a perfect day, may you find love and laughter along the way, May God keep you in his tender care, ’til he brings us together again. Love you both, Mom K xoxoxoxo

  2. It’s a once in a lifetime adventure! Enjoy it to the fullest knowing that home will always be there for you. Stay safe and have a wonderful time. I know I am enjoying reading all about this adventure and seeing the wonderful pictures!

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