2 Shirtless Cyclists Travel Another 100 Miles in January.

Today has to be broken up into 3 parts.

Part 1: Sunshine, Swiftness, Butcher’s Deli.

Steve and I rose before the sun this morning. At 5:30 A.M. the both of us were pleasantly surprised that our bodies were not shivering. We were in for a long day. Steve and I had to cross 100 miles of North Carolina to arrive at Emerald Isle.

As we coasted along route 17, the sun peaked his head over the horizon, bringing abundant sunshine and warmth.

By 11, we had covered 50 miles of road and the thermometer read 63 degrees. Steve and I enjoyed succulent sandwiches at Butcher’s Deli.

After leaving the deli, I popped in my headphones and took off my shirt. Eventually, Steve did the same.

Part 2: Wind. Exhaustion. More Wind.

Not even a mile from the deli was a large bridge the overlooked a vast river. Little did we know that this would mark the start of a very windy afternoon. It took us an embarrassing amount time to cross the bridge. Steve and I couldn’t help but laugh as the gusts of wind preventing us from moving more than an inch every pedal. Once we got off the bridge, the laughter stopped. We had hoped the wind was only attacking us because we were on the bridge. To our dismay, this was not the case. With the occasional rain drop, and Pb&J stop, Steve and I fought our way through the torrents for the remaining 5o miles. All that kept me going was the assurance of a warm house and a hot meal. As my stomach chewed itself, and my vision became blurred, I took notice of a sign. The words “Emerald Isle” illuminated in front of me. Just over the bridge “Welcome to Emerald Isle” was waiting for us. Upon crossing the bridge, we saw stunning scenery. After snapping a few photos, we continued our battle against the wind.

“I’M SO HUNGRY”, Steve announced…many times. Arrival at Amy and JT’s was a mere 4 miles away. Steve began saying some loopy things. I could tell he had reached a whole new level of hunger he was not privy to. At long last we rolled our bikes up the driveway and met Amy.

Part 3:

AH, finally at a comfortable home. The first thing Steve and I did was headed to the beach to catch the rad sunset. I snapped a few more photos, until the wind shooed us back inside. Steve ate 8 Pb&Js

After a warm shower and a full plate of pasta, here I am. Sipping on a glass of wine I search my brain for the closing statements.

This is your life. Are you who you want to be?



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P.S. Please, leave a comment letting us know what you think of our journey and or blog so far! Post with any questions you have. Thank you for stopping by!

7 thoughts on “2 Shirtless Cyclists Travel Another 100 Miles in January.

  1. The pictures are amazing! I’m so proud of you Taylor. Your such an amazing person, you guys prove that you really can do anything you put your heart into. Thank you for sharing such amazing pictures and experiences with everyone. I’m glad you guys are safe and having fun! Can’t wait until you get back.

  2. Hey guys! So nice to see you have made it through the cold and on to warmer places! If you get the chance you should try surfing!!!! I have to say though-8 pbjs and snickers bars? Really? It’s a good thing your mom is sending a care package! I have contributed some good things for you guys that will keep you sustained longer than a sugary bad carb laden pbj or candy bar! You boys need to fuel your bodies properly (with protein, good carbs and fats!) or else you will be more prone to injury! Ok, off my soap box-it’s only cause I care!
    Stay well and have fun!!!
    -Cousin Sarah

  3. Emerald Isle is gorgeous! Enjoy the NC coast! Great surfing still! Grab a board or a SUP…I’m sure some of the locals have them lying around. Or just sit on the beach and watch the dolphins. The mothers will be calfing in a month or so and they come into the shore a bit more. Although you may see more the further south you go….certainly down around Hilton Head.
    Let us know if you venture out towards Holly Springs (south of Raleigh)!

  4. So far so good guys…looking great…love your writing and picture’s!!! Tay I can’t believe how much you look like your Dad!! You could be his twin…

    Love ya,

    Auntie Donna

  5. Good to see you guys pedaling in warmer climate……
    Those feeding Stevo better “stock-up” LOL
    “Dat kid can EAT”!

  6. Awesome!! The pictures are my favorite part. I get really upset when I’m incredibly hungry too, but EIGHT sandwiches!? Haha, I’m still so glad you are both well and safe. (: Please post more pictures!

  7. Eight sandwiches? … Eh? I should have given you a jar of blackberry jam. I make it without preservatives, so I was worried it’d go bad before you could eat it all. And ohh.. it does go bad. I had to eat PB&J while hiking down the Grand Canyon. Sammies got warm. So gross. Never again. Ever.


    Your pictures are beautiful Taylor. I can’t wait to see a film!

    Best of luck!

    – Kit the Cookie Girl, or whoever.

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