Possible Destinations!

Hey ya’ll! (been in the south too long already?)

Just a heads up on our potential destinations. We would love your help. If you know anyone in these areas, please let us know! Ask friends, ask family, ask family friends, ask strangers!

Jan 21-Myrtle Beach SC

Jan 22- Charleston SC

Jan 23- Savannah GA (Covered!)

Jan 24- Between Savannah GA and Jacksonville FL.

Jan 25- Jacksonville FL (THANK GOODNESS!!!)

Thank you for all your uplifting comments and kind words. We appreciate your support in all this. Though we are on our own out here, it sure doesn’t feel like it!



4 thoughts on “Possible Destinations!

  1. Steve, keep me up to date on where you are going. I have several connections in TN, MISS, TX, and others where you could stay if you need a night. Enjoy the ride!

  2. My friends Kelly and Adam Shirah are happy to host you in Jacksonville. Adam is a musician and aspiring vintner; Kelly is a guidance counselor, with whom I taught in NYC and also served in Americorps. So I already see some cool points of connection. I attended their wedding last year in the Florida Keys (Note to all my friends… please get married in the Keys… and invite me!) You can make arrangements directly with Kelly. Her number is 904-318-8550. Enjoy the warmth of the South (the weather and the people).

  3. hey taylor it’s me.! the subway girl.. grissettown n.c. found ya.!. just want to say i support you guys 100% And good luck with everything. keep pushing..! it’s a great cause. didn’t realize how long the ride actually was til i looked on here.. just gotta say WOW.! y’all have guts and endurance. stamina too.! be safe guys.!. and make sure my cute friend Taylor doesn’t get hurt. lol. 🙂

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