5 thoughts on “Picture Post & VIDEO!

  1. I love it!!! The video brought it all to life… my heart was pounding out of my chest! It is so great to see you having so much fun… I am so excited for you guys and so proud of your accomplishments so far!!! And so proud of what you still expect to do!!! I love you so much!!! Just be sure to come home to me! xoxoxox mom (t)

    ps… of course you guys would be the ones to introduce slack lining to an entire portion of the country… you’ve definitely left your mark there!!! hugs and kisses!!!

  2. You guys are so great, I’m thrilled that you are having so much fun. But I am more thrilled you are sharing it all with us! Thank you for the joy you are bringing to us!

  3. Enriching and nourishing video in a time of need for us here. My thanks and love to you both for sharing your gifts with all of us on a regular basis. I do understand how time consuming this can be for you….but the recordings, writings and pictures will be forever a documented, treasured momento of your journey. And to this you shall be more than grateful in the years to come. I know you touch our hearts every day. What a wonderful gift. I am going to consider your video a birthday gift to me, k? haha It is exceptional! Steve did you record all of the guitar parts with the guitalele? Your song and video made me cry : ) Much love, mom K
    A Big sloppy smooch to you both!

  4. I love reading your blogs…every one of them! And the beautiful pics of the scenery and the peeps you’ve befriended along the way…not to mention today’s video…are fabulous. Keep writing and clicking pics and including us all in your wonderful trip.

  5. Amazing Video footage! it made me see how much strength, courage and heart you have for your journey. I feel Blessed to have a peek into your life. No doubt .. you are kept close to our Father God. You make him smile. He is pleased in you. Continue to reveal to others the Joy found when a challenge is met.
    I want you to know you are a great roll model and I am going to continue to tell your story to my grandchildren. Warmly, Lu Ann

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