Quick Update and Picture Post.

75 degrees and sunny. Savannah Georgia is blissful. Cycling without all our gear has been a real treat. Unfortunately, no luck on finding a replacement wheel. No luck on camcorder cable. I am having my old one shipped to me in Jacksonville thanks to the kind soul of John Weaver. The videos will have to wait a couple days. My apologies. I’ll try and finish my story about yesterday, tonight. In the meantime, enjoy the photos!

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2 thoughts on “Quick Update and Picture Post.

  1. I’m really enjoying your posts and your adventure. I just read a book about this women who finds and eats all the roadkill she can find. She is mystified by all the people who only eat hormone injected, factory raised cows, pigs and chickens but would never touch a wild varmint. She claims the meat of most critters is delicious and nutritcious. You guys are probably vegan but it’s worth a thought! Watch those trucks and be careful of the rednecks. They both can be big and dangerous. Stay safe, you guys rock.

  2. I think there are many of us enjoying reading about your adventures, not always posting but we are all thinking and praying for you two guys 🙂

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