Let the Vacation within a Vacation Commence.

Steve and Taylor will be soaking up the sunshine state for the entire month of February. The two have worked hard to get here, and are ready for a bit of a break. They plan to chill in Jacksonville a couple days to await the package containing Taylor’s camera charger. From there, visit Taylor’s grandparents south of Orlando for a day. There they will drop all winter gear and receive care packages from their loved ones. The two will then cycle to Tampa, where they have been invited to visit the Ironman headquarters. Steves grandparents is the following stop. Florida Keys await them next. Then, Taylor and Steve will check out Miami Beach and hit Orlando to enjoy the theme parks, wrestle alligators, snorkel, sky dive, Taylor will get his tattoo (Sorry paps, it’s finally happening.), visit friends, visit grandparents, and straight chill.

However, on this vacation within a vacation, the two will swim and run countless miles to prepare for Ironman St. George!

It’s good to be in the sunny south!

take care,


Enjoy the photos!

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3 thoughts on “Let the Vacation within a Vacation Commence.

  1. Congratulations on getting to Florida!! Enjoy the sunshine and relax a bit, hope your hip is feeling better Taylor.

  2. We love reading the blog on a daily basis ( can’t wait until morning for yesterdays adventures).You guys are doing really well and we can’t wait to see you in Venice. If you can, give us a heads up on dates. We may be able to get a boat if one is available and you are interested. Until then continue safe riding and we’ll see you soon. Gramp and gram Jennings.

  3. Well, you worked hard to get there! Enjoy the sunshine state! Can’t wait to read your continued adventures!

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