Gettin’ Tan in Jan

I’m sitting in Gabbi Mello’s dorm room at Jacksonville University munching on carrots. Gabbi and I have known each other for several years. We both attended the same Summer theater school known as Valley Music School.

Steve and I just returned from an hour long run through campus along side a beautiful lake. The lights of Jacksonville glimmered beyond the water.

Today was a busy day of nothingness. It had a lot of activity, none of which was productive! None the less, a good time. Steve and I started our morning off side by side on twin beds in this room. The time was 10:52. Gabbi was driving her friend Megan to work. Upon her return, we headed to Dunkin Donuts (real original). I ordered 3 chocolate frosted donuts, hash browns, a bacon egg & cheese on a croissant, and a coffee. Steve had 2 sandwiches and a maple frosted donut.

From there, we did a bit of shopping at Food Lion. I purchases carrots, bread, and bananas (the usual) Steve purchased two large tubs of apple sauce and some other goodies.

Later, Gabbi, Gabbi’s friend Kelly, Steve, and I went to Qdoba. Though, I wanted to, I didn’t purchase anything. I’m trying to better manage my money. When it comes to food, that is a difficult task for me. Steve didn’t purchase a meal either.

From there, we jammed out to old school tunes on our way to the beach. As far as beaches in January go, it was quite warm. The sand was finely grained.

On the way home, we stopped at Sonic, because I was extremely hungry and forgot all about better managing my money. I had never had Sonic before. Basically, the same old stuff any fastfood chain offers. I got the double bacon cheeseburger. It beats McDonalds.

Steve and I did our laundry when we returned to the dorm. While we waited for our loads to finish, Steve and I slacklined by the sunset.

I apologize for the lameness of this post. I am low on energy right now and nothing too exciting happened today, but I didn’t want to leave ya’ll hanging.

Keep it real!


2 thoughts on “Gettin’ Tan in Jan

  1. slacklining during the sunset… id like to see pictures of that and also im curious how epic both of you will be at that by the end of this.

  2. Hey! Whatever happened to “part 2”? Who is Daniel… Ya left us hanging! 🙂

    xoxo, mom

    Ps… Glad you’re loving Jacksonville! Enjoy every second of every place you pass!

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