Hey guys! A lot of you show interest in our trip. If you want a closer look, check out these two videos! They are just as much for you as they are for me, so I hope you enjoy them and I would absolutely love feedback! Thank you!

Check them out here:

One video displays on the main page. The others can be found to the right of the screen!

Trailing The Sun Youtube Page


7 thoughts on “TWO NEW VLOGS!

  1. Hey guys… good stuff. I look forward to my daily “ose of Trailing The Sun adventures. Keep it coming!!!!! And Taylor nice scab on that knee!!!!.

  2. love it keep it coming , I’m praying for your safety, protection and to have the best time ever
    Bill Fredericks

  3. So I finally made it through all your January posts. I also watched all the videos. Great job biking and documenting. I look forward to riding along with you via the internet, since I won’t be joining you again on the road, which is surely my loss. May you have blue skies and tailwinds the rest of the way.

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