Hey guys! A lot of you show interest in our trip. If you want a closer look, check out these two videos! They are just as much for you as they are for me, so I hope you enjoy them and I would absolutely love feedback! Thank you!

Check them out here:

One video displays on the main page. The others can be found to the right of the screen!

Trailing The Sun Youtube Page


7 thoughts on “TWO NEW VLOGS!

  1. Keep on wheeling guys it was nice talking to you while you were at Saltys Country Store in Salt Springs Be safe

  2. Hey guys… good stuff. I look forward to my daily “ose of Trailing The Sun adventures. Keep it coming!!!!! And Taylor nice scab on that knee!!!!.

  3. love it keep it coming , I’m praying for your safety, protection and to have the best time ever
    Bill Fredericks

  4. So I finally made it through all your January posts. I also watched all the videos. Great job biking and documenting. I look forward to riding along with you via the internet, since I won’t be joining you again on the road, which is surely my loss. May you have blue skies and tailwinds the rest of the way.

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