Big Things Are Happening!

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On February  5th we left my Grandparents comfortable home in Lake Wales and headed to Tampa! Aside from 1 patchable flat inner tube, the day went swimmingly. We saw lots of cows and endured lots of heat. We arrived here at The Lake House in the late afternoon. We were welcomed by a group of God fearing people ranging in age and ethnicity. These people are really cool! Instead of watching the Super Bowl, we went for a night run through the city lights along the waterfront. We didn’t stride alone, however. Steve and I were accompanied by an eccentric young woman by the name of China. She is 50% Irish and 50% African American.

After the run, China drove us to Taco Bus. Everyone loves Taco Bus. Just thinking of that chicken stuffed burrito is making my mouth water!

The rest of the evening was laid back.

Steve and I awoke and headed for The Iron Man Headquarters about 10 miles away. We stopped at a bakery and I enjoyed a bacon&egg omelette in a sandwich, while Steve enjoyed bacon, eggs, and a large hash brown and his mango smoothie.

Aside from a slight laceration(drama queen here) do to me climbing a fence, we got to the headquarters just fine.

It was nice to finally meet Meghan and Tricia. We had been communicating via phone and e-mail the last couple months. It was good to put a face to a voice. The meeting is top secret so I cannot reveal our conversation…just know, big things will be unraveling in the future, so be sure to stay tuned!


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Sekajipo throwin' up the one

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