Beggar The Dolphin!

Steve and I are having lots of laughs in Dunkin Donuts right now. I think the heat is getting to us.

The audible nightmare of the screeching sand crane rang in my ears. I rubbed eyes and took notice of the abundant clouds in the sky. On this day we were going to be taking out the boat. I love boats. I love the sea. There is magic in it. I reached for my phone blindly, while I kept my eyes fixed on the window. I glance down and read 8:47 on the cellular clock. After cracking my knuckles and snapping my back, I rolled out of bed. I gently put my cross necklace on over my tousled hair. I itched by behind as I opened the door.

“Good morning sir!”, a friendly voice greeted me. Steves Grandpa Jennings was enjoying the morning air on the porch. “There’s muffins, cereal, fruit, and coffee…have what ever you like! I would like to head out no later than 10.”

I peeked my head into the living room and saw Steve’s feet dangling off the air mattress. He was reading…what else is new?

The door squeaks, and out walks Grandma Jennings. “Hello my little angels!”, she exclaims with a smile. “I really hope we see a dolphin today”, I explained. “Do they still come out when it’s cloudy?  Grandpa came at me with his quick wit, “Well, I sent them an e-mail”.

After breakfast, we headed to “Freedom Boat Club” to pick up our transportation. We picked up a nice little boat by the name of Island Daze.

Pelicans and many other colorful birds greeted us as we cruised by. I enjoyed watching the old ocean beaten sailboats and vintage ships. Steve attempted to nap in a cramped seat toward the bow. I filmed whenever possible. Hopes were high in me to see a light grey finned ocean dweller.

As I was relaxing with my feet up, I was jolted by the cheerful exclamation of Grandma Jennings. “DOLPHIN! DOLPHIN! It just went under the boat!” We all sprang to our feet. I slung my camera over my shoulder and reached for my camcorder. I clicked record. Panning the nearby ocean, “it could be anywhere”, I thought. My heart was pounding with the thrill of finally seeing a dolphin. Part of the fun was trying to guess where he would pop up. We all began to smack the side of the boat with our palms. (I’ve been told this lures the dolphins because some people feed them. The dolphins learned to come to the clapping) This dolphin’s name is “Beggar.”

“There he is!” Grandpa Jennings shouts as he points to the starboard side of the boat. I turned myself around using my camera lens instead of my eyes. Sure enough, a chipper dolphin was swimming directly alongside the boat only a few inches away. With a smile and   an exhalation through his air hole, he was gone. Farewell Beggar!

I sat down with a smile. Steve was grinning from ear to ear as well. Grandma and Grandpa were very happy that we got to see what we set out to.

We had Pb&J and Chicken salad sandwiches for lunch with cookies and chips! (Side note: there are only 2 remaining zones on Steve’s face that don’t have mature facial hair. He just exited the bathroom exclaiming with joy)

Anyway, the day was filled with fun and many more dolphin sightings. I can’t express enough how much I loved sitting on the bow of the boat with my feet skimming the water. I felt unattached to anything. The freedom at that moment was surreal.

Many laughs and photos later, Capt. Jennings brought us home.

Until Next time, stay healthy!


4 thoughts on “Beggar The Dolphin!

  1. oh taylor you have captured my parents perfectly! I can actually hear them as you quote them, thank you for sharing !!!!! I also loved steve’s facial hair update… you are a great story teller, keep them coming!!!!

  2. Hi Taylor and Steve. i ran into you guys in Labelle, Florida, at the McDonald’s Saturday noonish. it was a pleasure meeting you too and wish you all the best in your continued expedition. be careful going thru Alligator Alley!! remember the bridges.

    Tom Stevenson

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