A Tattoo 65 Million Years In The Making

The decision to get a tattoo took place 2 years prior to now. This was not an abrupt decision. My friends are a testament to this fact. This tattoo is more than just skin deep.

I had an idea for a tattoo. “That’s going to be a b***”, they said. I adjusted my idea. My tattoo was born.

2 fold meaning:

1- I am a huge fan of film. Anyone that knows me should know that. I’ve made countless mini films and sketches from an early age. With that being said, my favorite film of all time since the age of 4 has been Jurassic Park. You will notice that the head of the tattoo is an exact replica of the Jurassic Park t-rex.

2- I am a person that likes to reminisce about the past. If you are a friend of mine, you have definitely heard me say “remember when?”. No matter where I go with my adventures, I never want to lose site of who I am. I think dinosaurs capture that exceptionally well.

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4 thoughts on “A Tattoo 65 Million Years In The Making

  1. I really like it Taylor. It fits you so well, I didn’t even have to ask why you would get that. And they did a beautiful job on it. (: I can’t wait to show my parents this.

  2. Thinkin’ I might have to make a trip to Miami and have mine improved upon!

    Also thinkin’ I might take a plane, maybe even a car to get there… not so much a bicycle 🙂

    Love it and Love you!!! Continue to embrace every moment of this trip!!! xoxox, mom

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