All Is Well With My Soul

The last few days have been radical. I got my tattoo at Miami Ink, climbed a coconut tree,  recorded a theme song for Trailing The Sun with some friends, & I edited 3 videos!

Steve and I are relaxing at Everglades Hostel right now. It’s a super cool place. Ropes hanging from palm trees, a waterfall pool, Tents everywhere, slack lines, and chill people all over.

I’m real hungry and have been editing all day, so I am going to get off the computer!

I want to thank everyone who reads this blog and leaves comments. I am going to do a better job of replying!

Just 28 mile from Key Largo!

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Trailing The Sun Interview Video #1

God be with you,


3 thoughts on “All Is Well With My Soul

  1. You be careful down there amongst the gators! Three things to remember… watch that critter on your shoulder, it should feel right at home in the glades and it might just crawl off somewhere. Keep your feet in the tent at all times, you never know when one of those pesky gators will come a callin’. And while you’re at it, there be crocs down their in the glades and their not as nice as the alligators are.

    How about posting the lyrics to your theme song so us geezers know what we’re hearing.

    Your old Grampy F

  2. The Everglades Hostel looks really cool in your pictures, but being there is even so much better!

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