Disney done, Alabama here we come!

Taylor and I did not have any internet access while at Disney World. Thus, we have quite a bit to update on. For now, I can only give brief summaries, as we still have plenty of riding ahead for today.

We are enjoying 90 degree weather and lots of nice bike trails. Some brief maintenance has helped our bikes run a bit smoother, and we got complimentary golf balls for our kick stands from a great little shop along the way. Last night held quite a surprise as well.

As I got ready for bed (we were camping beside the bike trail), Taylor hopped up and told me he was going on a run. I told him I’d probably be asleep when he got back. an hour and a half later, I got up to check where he was, and was greeted by his bouncing headlamp blinding me and telling me he did ten miles. And he wants to do 10 more. So I decided I should jump in.

By then end of it all, I had done 11 miles and Taylor ran 21. Pretty good run for 2 guys who just finished 80 miles on the bikes! Of course it will come in handy come May 5th.

So now we are in Hernando, FL and on our way to Alabama. It will be nice to get to a new state and a new month.


6 thoughts on “Disney done, Alabama here we come!

  1. Hi Steve & Taylor-Boy have I missed reading about your wonderful adventures. I’m glad you’re both having fun and now that you’re bacck on the ride, be careful and keep those blogs coming…Love you both
    Grandma Kerr XXXooo

    1. Hey Grandma! I will try to keep you updated as often as I can! Internet access is a bit tougher to come by in the area we are in now. That said, whenever we get it we will be sure to put up a post.

      love you!

  2. I dont think you guys will be ready for that iron man by may 5th. Only 80 miles on the bike and a 21 mile run???? not what I would call a good training day!!! i wanna see a 400 mile ride tomorrow. get back on track boys!!!!!

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