Two roads to the same place

For the next few days, Taylor will be staying in a great little town called Cedar Key, where he will enjoy boating and clamming on the Gulf, as well as a host of other island activities. Conversely, one day out on the clam boat was great for me and I am ready to get back to cycling. I will be riding around the Gulf up to Pensacola area. I am currently in the town of Chiefland, and will be moving on shortly! Taylor will be meeting me when we get to Pensacola.

Also, for anybody who is interested, March marks the beginning of my threshold training for the Ironman. Each day’s ride will now consist of some sprints and longer, faster pushes to get my heart rate down and my VO2 Max up. I will also be on high mileage for running, and throwing in plenty of long tempo runs. I will swim when I can….

Thanks for reading!


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