Cedar Key

It’s been about a week since I’ve been on a computer. I think it’s time I post something. Readers be warned: the author is tired and will fail to stimulate your mind with descriptive images and clever phrasing.

Steve and I are in Perdido Bay, just a few miles from the Alabama border. Can’t ya just hear them banjos?

This past week has been an interesting one. let’s step back about 5 days ago.

Steve and I were exhausted. The sun had retired and the moon came out. The both of us were in need of a water refill and some fuel to consume. Eventually, we came upon two country stores 50 feet apart from each other. As we wheeled up, I looked at Steve and said, “Which one do ya want to go to? Whichever one we choose will have a major impact on our future in some way…no pressure”.

Steve said, “Let’s do both”.

Well, we never ended up going to the second one, because life had different plans for us. As I slunched my exhausted body over a wooden chair, and devoured a hot pepperoni and jalapeño pizza, a woman walks in. She appeared middle aged, had long brown hair, and wore old blue jeans. “So, I put two and two together. Where are you from, where you going, and will you beat me there?”

After explaining our story, she offered to set us up for the night. We pedaled about 16 miles down the road when a big pick up truck met us at Dollar General. We loaded our bikes and headed for Cedar Key. Carol, the easy going middle aged hippy informed us that she had 11 children all above the age of ten. I think she deserves an award.

Carol, her husband Rick, and her kids (well, some of them) were in the process of moving. We drove to the “new” house and Carol dumped us off. The house was ours for the remainder of the stay. The floors were in the process of being laid down and the wooden walls and overall feel reminded Steve of Maine. The house was pretty much empty except for a few lamps, a mattress, and a fridge.

The following day, Steve and I awoke to carol inviting us to go clamming with her husband, Rick. We, always looking for a new adventure, agreed.

From sun up to sun down, we worked with clams. Hauling, washing, and filtering. It’s a messy and stinky job, but a great deal of enjoyment was had. Beer and pizza all around.

The following morning Steve and I decided to separate ways. I wanted to see what else Cedar Key had to offer. I visited a state park museum just a mile from the house. Turns out this key played a major role as a port in the Civil War. I also enjoyed some clam chowder that won 3 years in a row as the “best in the world”.

I couldn’t stand sleeping alone in a house like that, so I set up my tent outside. I built a fire, cooked some hot dogs, and went for a walk. I walked for miles until I came upon a park bench right up against the ocean. I laid on it and put my eyes to the stars. The sounds of the waves crashing onto the beach lulled me to sleep. I awoke a short time later. I walked back to my tent and fell asleep.

Now, I was lucky enough to meet some of Carol’s children. They all had big hearts and I enjoyed their company very much. Phoebe, the 14 year old could have passed as 18. She was both mature in appearance and in personality. While riding around and taking pictures, I bumped into Jamima. She is going to be 17 soon. She saw that I was bored and brought me to a family friends house. From about 5 to midnight, I enjoyed chicken wings, ice cream, and the company of people my own age.

Sleeping was rough that night. The wind and rain kept me up.

The following morning, Rick came by to pick me up. We packed up my gear and picked up Carol and headed for Pensacola! The 5 hour drive was a lot of fun. We stopped to eat breakfast at Huddle House. I paid…it was the least I could do. Rick and Carol talked to me about how they met 3 years earlier and how 2 weeks later, they were married. They are good people.

Now, what if we went to the other country store?

P.s. We entered a new time zone…one hour earlier!


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