Tomorrow, We Ride To The Mountains.

Moments after I published the last post, Steve informed me that we would be couch surfing. We were both delighted because it had been awhile since we took advantage of the website. We pedaled 10 miles to the home of Zack and Desiree. They are two newly wed Christians who have  gigantic hearts and a fun loving attitude. They dig board games and I was pleased to see that Jurassic Park was in Zack’s movie collection. We both agreed that Jurassic Park 3 doesn’t qualify as part of the franchise. I was glad of this. On the other hand, I was not glad that Zack told me that he will remember my name because of Taylor Swift…I paid it back by calling him ZATCH (he hates when people spell his name with a “CH”) We’ve had fun hanging out with them.

We are not surfing alone, however. We are sharing the home also with  Christyn and Hudson. They are in there early 20’s in Denver looking for work. They are a couple of cool laid back hombres.

Fun times have been had. While everyone was out doing things with their day, Steve and I walked to Qdoba and watched  a series of movies including: Tombstone, The Page Master, and Heavyweights. Overall, the day was a success. When Zack and Desiree returned home with Anna (3 year old they babysit) we went to the dollar tree. I purchased: waffles, whipped cream, trail mix, and potato chips. Can you believe it was all just 1 dollar? Soon, the house was full of people and we had a regular party going on. A picture was necessary.

So, here I am. Sitting on the couch while Hudson plays Steve’s Guitar and the other married couple plays a board game with Steve. Tomorrow begins our ride into the Rockies. I am greatly looking forward to taking a bounty of photos and videos.

I will be posting a video as soon as I have enough footage to put together. Also, I am also working on “my masterpiece”. It will take about a month to complete. Should be good! Stay tuned.

Praise God for all he has done for you,


5 thoughts on “Tomorrow, We Ride To The Mountains.

  1. So you took a small detour…. Just think, if you hadn’t taken the detour you would not have seen the magnificent Rockies! God moves in mysterious ways…. his wonders to perform!

    Ride on!

    Grandma F

    P.S. thanks Steve for letting me use your WordPress account to reply. I’m so totally computer illiterate but found this….

  2. Hey guys… welcome back. Where are you? I am going to be in Santa Fe New Mexico for 6 weeks starting next week. You anywhere near there? or going anywhere near there? Uncle Kenny

  3. I hope that you are having a great ride today. I’m thinking of you and hoping that the gear is working out.

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