A Marathon in the Mountains.

Today, Taylor Thibodeau ran a marathons worth of mountains. (26.2 miles)

With elevation being at 6,700 ft and rising as I climb forward, the air is thin. My lungs are still adjusting & I find myself beathing deeply and frequently.

(Hang on…Colin just informed me: “I pooped, Taylor”. Diaper changing time again. Soon, I’ll be an old pro)

Ah, all clean. Now, where was I? Oh, yes…marathon.

I motivate myself to run long distances in quite possibly an unhealthy way. I go without running for awhile, until I begin to feel sick. I feel uneasy, because I realize that I’m slacking. Slacking is not very “iron manly” of me. This causes me to push my limits and go far and hard. Then, once I’ve gone the distance, I get comfortable. That comfortably leads to slacking, again. The process repeats. Seems to be working, though.

Today, I talked with an old friend by the name of Josiah Stinson. I really missed him. It was a great conversation and I look forward to remaining in contact!

Overall, this was a wondrous day!

Hope all your lives have adventures. If not, make the adventure!

God bless you and all you love,


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One thought on “A Marathon in the Mountains.

  1. colin seems very articulate .. i am sure if you tell him to sit on the toilet he will help you out in this dept?? 🙂

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