Silverthorne, Hot Springs, & Chef Steve.

Today  Steve, Jen, Colin, and I took a 90 mile drive to the town of Silverthorne. With an elevation nearing 9,000 ft, my ears were popping. Jen had to do some shopping, Steve planned to cycle his way home, and I planned to do some swimming. We arrived at the rec center around 1:10. Steve quickly began his 90 mile trek home, while Jen and I created a plan for the day. I had until 2:30 to get my swim work out done, and then I would take Colin off of Jens hands so she could make her purchases without worrying about her little boy.

My workout went well! I completed 100 laps which comes out to one lap over a mile. After my workout, I met up with Jen and took Colin to the mens room to get him swim suited up. I’m getting a small dose of fatherhood. The two of us splashed around in the 1 1/2 foot swimming pool for about an hour before it was time to go. I asked Colin, the 2 year & 10 month old, “Will you remember me when you are older?” “Yes, Taylor”, he responded as if the question was a silly one.

Changing the little blondie back into his dry clothes proved more interesting than the last visit to the mens room. It was difficult for me to put on a dry diaper with him screaming for his mother the whole time. Older gentlemen chuckled as they walked by, thinking he was my own son. They offered me tips on how to best approach the situation. After he was dry and found his precious mother, the smile returned to his young face. So, begins the journey home. We stopped at a small plaza to grab a bite to eat. My eyes lit up with I saw Qdoba was among the restaurant options. The other two ate at a place called “Noodles”. Colin simply had a massive cookie.

About 20 miles from Steamboat Springs, we saw Steve in the distance. He was doing great!

After a solid work out day, I think we will sit down and enjoy a movie. As it turns out, Jen is a movie buff! We had a fun conversation discussing films on the way home.


1: Hot Springs- The other day, Steve, Jen, Colin, and I enjoyed these pools of naturally warm water! It was so cool. Check out that steam!

2: Steve, Colin, and Jen at Hot Springs.

3: Jen and Colin at the hot springs

4: Mushroom and vegetable root pot pie cooked by Chef Steve

5: YUM- Good job Stephen

6: Cool Colorado Sky

7: When the sun sets, it changes he color of the mountains!

So, let’s review the resume.

1: We have shown strength, endurance, and maturity while cycling across the United States.

2: We can cook delicious meals. Well, Steve can. I can cook waffles.

3: We are honest, hard working, and self sustaining.

4: We can change diapers.

So, the question that remains is: What more do girls want in men? Seriously…

Single and ready to mingle,


4 thoughts on “Silverthorne, Hot Springs, & Chef Steve.

  1. Girls would only tie you down and stop you from achieving your dreams, unless you find one with the same dreams. So keep working on your dreams and then the right girl will find you!

  2. PSH. You two are the modern embodiment of knights in shining armor. Any girl would be lucky to be considered by you, it’s finding a girl that’s worth your time, effort, and focus that’ll be an issue. =P

  3. bahaha it’s okay. if neither of you guys never get married, i’ll let you cook for me. and when i’m really old you can change my diapers, too

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