Dinoland, USA

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Today, Taylor and I entered Utah. There are big skies, big plains, big buttes (I cannot lie), and big mountains. We stopped at Dinosaur National Monument, which would have been cool if it was open. Luckily it had a sign that said there was ANOTHER Dinosaur National Monument about 24 miles down the road. So we went. We got a tour (which involved a wall of half excavated real dinosaur bones, and a round of applause from the people who drove up the hill to get there and watched us slave up it).

Our stay with my aunt and uncle and cousin was wonderful, and we got some solid training in. At the same time, it’s a good feeling to be back on our own. we are camping tonight on the open range, neighboring the majestic landscape on our way to the race. Posts will once again become frequent!



4 thoughts on “Dinoland, USA

  1. DO NOT drink the water from that big-ass lake. It’s saltier than salt. It will make your cells shrivel up like raisins. Thats about all the advice I have to give you from a state I’ve only heard of in folk lore

    1. apparently, if you even look at that big-ass lake, your whole entire face will shrivel up like a date. It’s something about the salt refracting light and some weird energy transfer, i’m not sure. But we will definitely heed your advice and steer clear of that big-ass lake

  2. So glad to have your posts again. I am amazed by your endurance and fortitude, in all areas of your life right now. The daily issues (emotional, physical etc.) you face on a regular basis can be looked back upon years from now as “building strength of character” haha. Gather your will, your courage and strength, and persevere my sons! If you need monetary help, you have a wealth of people cheering you on, wanting you to succeed and complete what it is you set out to do! Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask those reading your daily blogs, for their help and guidance to support the last leg of your trip. xoxo, miss you just as fiercly as mom T!! (up to the moon and back) : )

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