The Race is Upon Us

Tomorrow is the last day standing between Taylor and I and the race. We are excited. Getting everything squared away beforehand has proven to be a challenge, and as such, hearing the gun go off will be a relief in itself.

One interesting puzzle we’ve been facing as of late is the inability to use bicycle transportation in the days leading up to the race, as we may need those muscles later. Finding transportation is a mystery yet to be solved. Of course, if it comes down to that, I will ride where I need to!

Here is my hand posing with the official Ironman wristband.

Other than the few remaining technical logistics, I need to take care of the food I will be eating for the race. Ironman has 5 bags that you fill (bike gear, run gear, morning clothes, etc) and they will supply them at different points throughout the race. It seems simple, but it’s not. Little known fact; brain function decreases roughly 80 Percent in the days leading up to an Ironman.

So I’ll be scrambling around for the next 48 hours!


6 thoughts on “The Race is Upon Us

  1. You guys will do awesome. Keep ypur spirits up and your eye on the prize…..completion

  2. Steve & Taylor- You are both in my heart and prayers. I know you’ll both do a great job. Love to you both , be safe and we’ll see you soon. Love Grandma Kerr XXX000

  3. You guys have accomplished so much so far and we will be thinklng of you tomorrow as you complete your dream. Love, best wishes and good luck. Gramma and Gramp J.

  4. Steve, What an awesome job you did on the race! I was really impressed by your times and commitment. Good luck in the future with your music and whatever life holds for you.

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