Thank You!

As the adventure of my young life comes to a pause, I have many thanks to give to many many people. Steve and I have had helping hands this entire journey from those we’ve been blessed to meet.

Mom and Dad:

I respect you and love you with all that I am. You paved this yellow brick road I walk on today. Thank you for putting your faith in me.

Sandy Kerr:

I’ve only ever felt welcomed in your presence…you’ve been such a big encouragement in my life. I’d be lost without you now.

Kelly Kerr:

Coolest,toughest, bravest chick around…nuff said.

Visgatis Family:

God sent me to you…so that we could change each others lives. I except to be close with you and watch the boys grow for years to come. Thanks for helping fund this wild adventure!

The Rest of my Family:

Thank you all so much for your initial donations, your words of encouragement and your devotion to the blog. I love you all so very much.

My Bros:

Thanks for the encouraging texts through this journey. In times of despair, I leaned on you. Love you guys.

Kim and Mike:

I fortunately got to know you a bit before the journey, but I feel as though we’ve gotten even closer in our absence. I feel a part of the group…and love it! Thank you so much

Everyone We Stayed With:

You kept us out of the cold, fed us, and kept us company…thank you so much! Sequioa, Michael, Kitty, Gayla, Levys, George and Jake, The lake house peeps, Donna and Al, Everyone from Cedar Key, Eric Allred, Desiree and ZaTch, Grandma and Grandpa Jennings, Grandma and Grandpa Fehser, Sekajipo and Sight (love), Everglades Hostel, Manhattan friends, Jordan Pihl and Kitty, Katie Kjellman, Mimi, Frog Crossing, Myrtle Beach hombres, Gabbi Mello, Joe Fiore, Grandma Idiot and Nicky Parks/Dana and the rest of you!

Mark Wessels:

Mark, you showed us true generosity. “One day it will be your turn.” I’ll never forget you said that. I can’t wait for me to return all the love you showed us! I hope we meet again.

Uncle Ben and Aunt Jen:

Staying with you guys was amazing. I had never seen mountains like that before and never changed a diaper! Thanks Ben so much for letting me use your carbon fiber masterpiece! I hope it gets back to you in the same condition. Miss you Colin!


You could have kept driving, but you stopped to help us. Thank you forever.

Jordan and Avalon:

Your house has been the longest place I’ve stayed other than my own. You guys are the raddest people out there and I’m so glad we got to meet you. Thanks for all the great memories. You better come to Mass!

Steve Kerr:

Thank you, Steve. Thanks for being the best friend I could ever have. We did this together. I’m so proud of you, man. Here’s to our future adventures! Cheers.

The Lord:

I can always lean on you even when I don’t deserve it. Thank your for giving me the gift of life and introducing me to all of the above people…might as well have been angels.

You all are a part of the story…you all aided in the success of this chapter of my life…THANK YOU SO MUCH


3 thoughts on “Thank You!

  1. Taylor, you are family now. I’d be lost without you too. I’m so glad we all found each other. Here’s to the past, the present (yay your home!) and the future!

  2. Just watched your video/slide show… wow! you are both an inspiration! And you totally wowed my 11 year old daughter!

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