Tomorrow, I run.

Almost a year ago, on my birthday, I texted a friend : “Next year, I’m running the Boston Marathon!” This dream became a goal. I began to run. After my first couple runs, I felt a pinch in my chest. This pinch came more and more. My chest began to terrorize me. On several occasions, I woke up in agonizing pain. I had to breath slow, and make subtle movements. Through fear and pain, I was driven to the doctors. I had my heart looked at. All tests came back clean. However, this was enough to discourage me to run. I was haunted by the idea that this chest pain would return and with full force if I encouraged it. The idea, the goal, the dream had gone into hiding…

Seven months later, I found myself at my computer. I was bored with life. I needed something to do. Then it hit me. It hit me fast and without warning. The Marathon. The idea brewed within me, until the dream was reborn. I began to run…hard. I ran, and I trained, and I ran some more. Four and a half months later, and the dream is about to become a reality. Ha, I can’t believe it’s here….already. On every run I have been on, I pictured myself at this moment. How much stronger would I be? How much endurance would I posses? Could I sustain a healthy diet for 5 months? Would my body be able to handle this?

Through the Lord, diligent weight lifting, and healthy dieting, I am here. I am a machine. I am at the peak of my physical existence. 20 pounds heavier with adrenaline pulsing through my veins,  not even a fool would stand between me and my race, now. Those who scoffed and questioned my ability to run this race, will be left shamed. Even the Taylor of the past is a fool for being uncertain. Tomorrow, my day will be here. Tomorrow, I run the Boston Marathon. (Que. music)

Stay tuned for a post on the race!

: )

Proudest Run Yet

Chin up and shoes laced, I pressed “play” on the Ipod. Swinging open the door, I felt the misty breeze spash my face. The sun was hiding behind the clouds, but the heat found its way to Earth. I began my 20 mile run. I began to make my way down my usual route, when I decided to go a different way. A flame of exitment brewed within me as I turned around and headed for Central Turnpike. I knew I was looking at a 5 mile run to the school and I was going to have to face the hardest challenge yet. I was going to take on Hill Street.

The road was destroyed. It was as if godzilla had burrowed his way out of the Earths surface. However, I was able to focus on the fact that this was a new and exciting run–this acted as a distraction to the recently nuked terrain. Each rain drop that kissed my face was a gentle refreshment. I felt good. I felt really good.

I love to wave at cars as they pass by. Its a simple thing that can make a persons day. Sometimes, the people that look the grumpiest are the ones that have the biggest and most encouraging smiles.

As I approached my first hill, I said to myself, “you did not think this through.”  Head down, I began to plow my way up this mountain. Cars spashling water at me each time they passed. I would have been angry if I was not grateful for the cool reguvination it brought.

“Ankle pain. Damn these shoes. I should not have rushed into these shoes. I gotta get myself new shoes. New shoes. New shoes. New shoes. How long till the race…uh…6… no 5 weeks. Okay, I’ll get new shoes next week…Spring break. In the meantime, keep going.”

This was the first time I used the running belt. I packed two tiny water bottles in it along with a granola bar. I was not going to make any stops this run. I was going all 20…no rests…no walks…nothing but running.

As I approached the second towering hill, I decided not to look down. I was going to watch as I dominated this hill. I was going to show this hill I was in charge and I was not intimidated by its size. “Ah, done. Now, I go down hill. Well, this is a nice break…except this is all going to be uphill on the way back…fun.”

“Okay, I’m probably about 4 miles in…not long yet…till I turn around. 16 miles to go…damn ankles….oh, I love this song.”

“The school is about a half mile away…I’m not going through all these lights…time to turn around.” I figured I had gone a little over 4 and a half miles, but I was not certain. The way back was brutal. Those hills…those monsterous hills. I was constantly tracking my distance and figuring how far away from home I was. “When I get back, I’ll be at 9 miles…only 9 miles…that’s not even half. Just to be safe…I’ll say 8 and a half. Okay, so when I get back…I’ll run to Steves and back….that’s 5. Then, I’ll run to Keowns and back…that’s 3 and a half. Alright, What’s 8 1/2 plus 8 1/2…17. Then, I’ll run a little past Gabes and back.”

“Who’s waving? Oh, its Nate! Hey!” I love seeing people I recognize while I’m running. It’s a bit of motivation that I can’t explain. It’s not as though they can see me running once they drive by, but it still makes me run harder.

“I’m loving this rain…okay…almost back. There’s Foppemas Farm. Oh great, the godzilla road is back.” Certain roads become a game. It’s similar to Frogger. Avoid the the cracks, avoid the puddles, and avoid the cars.

“I’m so thirsty…I need a sip. NO, not yet… you only have a half mile to go then you can sip.” I was just about home when a car zipped by and honked. An arm came out and waved. It was my dads arm. I smiled.  “Welcome to Sutton”. HA! I’m back. Time to head to Steves. 11 miles to go.

“How many songs are left on this playlist? It usually lasts about 12 miles…okay, I have about 3 miles of music left.”

“Hey, I wonder If I’ll see Gabe at his house. Ah, he has work. But, maybe he will be home and want to run…Shoot. No ones outside.”

This is mile 11, over half way done! The route to Steves and back is a fun one. The way there is a gradual down hill experience. This is great to build up some self esteem.  “First is this big hill, then that little hill, then the stop sign…almost there! I wonder if  I’ll see Mrs. Kerr…or Kelly…nope.” 8 1/2 miles to go.

“C’mon Taylor, keep going! My energy level is dropping…my stomach is feeling empty. I’ll have the granola bar when I get back…just 2 1/2 miles till you can enjoy it!” I drained one of the water bottles in my mouth.”Ahhh…that’s good. Actually, this tastes like thousand year old plastic…gag.”

“Hey, the rain stopped…Looks like the second half of this run is going to be dry…maybe the rain will come back. I hope it does. It was nice.”

At this point, I was starting to really feel it in my feet. The shoes I have really don’t fit to me well. Fortunately, the pain I used to have in my right leg vanished. I also came to realization that I had not had a cramp of any kind yet…and I thanked God for that.

“Who’s this? A woman walking a dog. Wow…she’s gorgeous…”hi!” She smiles and says hello. I wonder how old she is…probably mid 20’s. Damn. Good looking dog, too.

The rain comes back. “I hope that woman will be okay in the rain…wonder where she lives…I’ve never seen her. Yes! I am just about home! I just have to slap that Peirce Road sign. Granola bar, here I come.”

My throat was dry, as I took a bite of the vanilla chip granola bar. It was hard to swollow and run at the same time. When you are at this point of exhaustion, the body is not funtioning quite up to par. I inhaled a peice of the bar and coughed a bit. I took smaller bites. “6 miles to go…you got this, Taylor” On my way to Keowns I ran into that woman with the dog again. “I hope I don’t have any of that bar in my teeth…” I smiled and waved. “Wow, I should have been more positive and said something clever…like…”we meet again… no that just creepy…I’m too tired to be clever anymore.” I stopped waving at cars, too…

“There’s the house that looks like it’s from Amityville Horror…wow I’m already almost to central turnpike. There’s my old house…wow it smells like horse manure…lovely. Thanks Mr. Horse.” From this point on to Keowns it’s .75 miles of hills. At this point, I was unable to run the hills like a normal person. I was a robot on stilts. My ankles felt like they were being torn off of my legs.

“There’s Keowns! only 4.75 miles to go…I can make it!

“Pretend this is the marathon…come on! How can you expect to run 26 miles if you can’t do 20? How do you expect to bike across the country if you can’t run 20 miles?! LETS GOOOO!”

“I can’t wait to lay down on my couch and crash…I can see it now. That’s all I’m looking forward to. a couch.”

“You are almost back…then you have just a measly 3 miles to go…come on.” I began to start to zone out. Things felt surreal. I was weak and out of it. My feet hurt and my ankles killed. I closed my eyes for a few seconds while I ran…it felt good.

I made it to the pierce road sign again…and slapped…well, collapsed into it. I was dead tired. 3 miles to go. From this point on, I had to lift myself up. I had to encourage myself. I had to be my own support.

“20 miles…without walking or stopping…Taylor, this is going to be huge…don’t quit now.” I began to feel faint…and dizzy…”don’t pass out…keep it together.” I contemplated slapping myself…but I figured that would benefit me in no way at all. I began to smell a comforting smell. It was the smell of Spring. As I turned the hill past “The Dunes of Anakk”, I saw an older couple walking. As I approached them, I smiled and the man said, “How are you?” I chucked and managed to reply sarcastically, “I’m a little tired.” he laughed and the woman said back as I ran by, “Keep going.”– It worked.

As I passed Gabes house, I tried to remember which mail box signified 1.5 miles from home…”This one…? No, it’s this one!” I instantly looped around and began my last 1.5 miles.

“God, I could not run 20 miles without you…I could not run one. Infact, I could not take one step without you. Thank you.”

As I came around the bend and saw “The Dunes of Anakk”, I knew I was .8 miles from home…I decided to kick it into high gear. My legs began to stride and I felt myself pick up speed. My legs were seperated from my upper body…they ran on themselves. I ran, I ran, and I ran. “This is your proudest run, keep the pace.” Energy that I had not had moments earlier came pulsing through me.

“Last hill…let’s do it.” I robot stilted up my driveway and up to the front door and put my fists in the air as I walked into my house…Finally, I was going to have that comfort….that beautiful couch. My parents were both on one couch and I collapsed on the other…”GET OF MY COUCH!” my mom said.


So, I suppose the floor will have to do…my parents were very proud that I ran those twenty miles without a single break, but I think no one could be prouder than I.

I finished 20 miles in a few minutes over 3 hours…not bad. After popping some blisters and putting on some bandaids, I took a cold shower. Life is good. God is good. Heck, I’m pretty good.

Leave me a comment if you feel inclined! 🙂

Week Of Rest

This past week I did little running. I ran one 5 miler and that’s fine by me. I needed a week of rest so I can haul this week! I anticipate the marathon as it draws nearer, but appreciate each run day by day. Every run offers me new experiences and gets me one stride closer to the goal.


Go For It Now. The Future Is Promised To No One.

Hello Sunshine!

After months of being in the dark, the light at the end of the tunnel is approaching. Today, I ran 5 miles without a shirt on…hallelujah!

I recently took up a quick gig at a firewood company to make whatever money I can. The only downside to this weather is now people don’t want firewood…ah well, the sun is wonderful!

Give someone a compliment today. =]

Taylor Thibodeau

The Capri Sun

My town is a beautiful town. The rural landscape is peaceful. The people are kind and it’s typically clean. Unfortunately, on my route, I had been noticing a small rectangular shining silver object. It was a capri sun. Every time I ran by this emptied silver garbage, I told myself I would “grab it next time and throw it away when I get home”. Well, today I decided to finally snag it. So I did. Minutes later, as I am running my route getting in the zone with some “Cake”, I notice something shining on the ground. It was another capri sun. I certainly could not leave THIS one. I grabbed it as well. I was going to put them in my pockets, but the snowy mud was too much to simply wipe off. I held them in my cracking frozen hands. I continue to run. Before I knew it, I had 3 Arizona Ice teas, 2 capri suns, 2 Mcdonalds fries boxes, a soda can, and a piece of large plastic. I just could not take this beautiful town to be covered with trash. My hands were becoming purple. I foolishly was not wearing running gloves. I made my way home and threw the trash out. It was at that point that I decided I wanted to run more than my original goal. At the end of it all, I ended up beasting through 20 miles today…wow. “I can do all things in He who gives me strength.”

My feet have truly taken a beating.

“Mom, I’m going to run the Boston Marathon.”

I needed something. I don’t party. I commute to college. I desperately needed an escape from boredom.

Meanwhile…I had also been battling my health. I was tired of eating 5 ego waffles with 2 bricks of butter plastered on top. I wanted to be healthy.  It’s not that I was heavy, in fact, quite the opposite. I was underweight and unhealthy. Just because my body did not show fat…did not mean I was fit. Every time I made a big plate of cheesy nachos and drank a 2 liter bottle of  coca cola, I knew I was engulfing  a delicious heart attack.

I had dreamed of changing my diet and diligently lifting weights for years…but it remained a nice thought. “Oh, I’ll start doing that in a week ” I would say as I devoured another glob of cookie dough. I’m not sure if it was just the fact that we were out of ego waffles that morning, but I finally decided to kick that lazy thought off the couch. I was going to do something about it.

After the first day, I could already feel a change.

It was around 9 pm and I was sitting on the computer. Then, it hit me. “I’ll run a marathon!” All pumped up, I darted down stairs to inform my mother. She, of course, rolled her eyes. I hopped on the treadmill and did 3 miles…and so it began.