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  1. i can’t believe you are leaving in 10 days! … i am proud of the work and research you and steve have done and appreciate your anticipation to face the challenges you perhaps didn’t count on πŸ™‚ … I am proud to have you involved in my boys lives and appreciate the work you do around here as it is always done with excellence …
    you are a good egg πŸ™‚ …. katey, jenna and i had a great time introducing you to klems and you were a great dinner guest even though the dinner was NOT GOOD πŸ™‚ …
    we will follow your blog and also try to have some skype or face time with you and the boys .. πŸ™‚ (and dogs too ) (and chickens too ) πŸ™‚

    1. hello taylor-i met you the other day here at disney where you were just arriving-that is a noble cause you are doing-should be more people like you making a positive impact in the world. enjoy your time in florida-vicki

  2. Ugh… 10 DAYS! I can’t believe it… call me everyday! I’m gonna miss you! But, I also know you are going to have the time of your life… I can’t wait to hear your stories and see your movie! Be safe! I’m praying everday….I love you! (Please come home!) xoxo, mom

  3. I am pretty sure I ran into you guy’s in the Mcdonalds drive through today. I must say after looking at all this I wish I stopped and talked to you guy’s. I was just shocked and un-sure of what to do. For those that don’t know, I was in the Mcdonalds drive thru tonight behind a white Jeep, patiently waiting and holding my money to pay for my food. When I got up to the window the cashier refused my money and said (I belive anyways, I was in a kindness blurr) that “Taylor said God loves you” and that the people ahead of me had payed for my food. They had pulled into the parking space directly infront of where the drive thru ended and I sat there for a minute looking at the white Jeep, trying to hand the cashier the money, and thinking of what to do.. After a minute i decided I would pay it foward and handed her the money and said put it towards the people behind me. I am a shy person, always have been. So I didnt end up going to the Jeep. I thought about it the whole way home and wish I had gone up to them, which is why I find myself on here. I just want to say Thank You guys! I fully regret not coming up and speaking with you. I should have. I hope you take pleasure in knowing that I atleast payed it foward. You guys showed me that there is still some kind people in this world, for that I Thank You. I wish more people would be willing to express that. I also wish I could show that level of kindness in my life. What I do know is that I will never forgett this and I will try to use what you guys showed me tonight in my everyday life.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Sean,

      I read this post last night and I really wanted to reply… But I was so moved that I didn’t even know what to say. (I still don’t and “speechless” is not something I often suffer from. Lol!) Thank you so much for sharing how this experience touched you. I didn’t even know Taylor made this gesture at McDonalds until you wrote this post… And when I read your words my heart practically exploded out of my chest! You’re right, we all do need to show more kindness wherever we can… And to know my son did that… There aren’t words enough to describe how proud I am of him. Thanks again for reaching out…AND, for paying it forward!!!! Happy New Year Sean! karen

  4. today is day 1 of the 6 month adventure …we will check in constantly for updates and excerpts of your stories … this will provide you with a lifetime of conversation starters …

  5. Taylor and Steve Grandpa and I are so proud! We’ll be following your progress and praying for a safe trip for you both. Disney awaits!

    G&G Fehser (my first post ever). Lol

  6. Hi guy’s,
    Glad to here your first day went well.
    It is best to sleep in your sleeping bag with as few cloths on as possible
    so your body heats up the whole inside of the sleeping bag.
    This should keep your feet and everything warmer.
    The Cadet Counselor in me.
    Your in our prayers! Be safe,
    Chuck McGrath

  7. I’m excited for your journey that God has challenged you two men with! I’m sending lots of prayers to you both and look forward to hearing about your adventures!

    πŸ™‚ Bonnie

  8. I’m really excited, I get to follow along with the updates and the pictures, it’s like I’m right there with you! I love you Taylor! My prayers are with you both!

    Auntie Ann-Marie

  9. HEY! i hope ya have the adventure of a lifetime! Have fun wrestling alligators:) it doesn’t matter the size hahaha ..See you in 6 months!!!


  10. if someone who knows you happens to drive past, how do you suggest they get your attention to wave frantically? morse code using car horn? hope you guys are doing well and staying as warm as possible! would like to see both of you return with noses and toes!!!

  11. ok i’m with your mom on scolding you for being unprepared .. i told you to have a contact at everystop ….
    yes i’m wagging my finger and red in the face ..

    1. Go easy on him Mamma-Nancy! LOL! I said I “wouldn’t” scold him… nevertheless, I’m with ya!

      You know what I realized after much thought about last night…(this isn’t to you anymore, Nancy, this is me, now thinking out loud on a blog, where everyone can appreciate the thoughts that whirl thru my mind! ha ha!)

      If we are always in the way, God doesn’t have room to be God. I am so thankful that He came thru. I’ve been saying that Taylor and Steve are “well covered”… now it’s time for me to believe it.

      Okay, Taylor, that doesn’t mean we wing-it every night… let me know your destinations… and we can all work together where and when we can! People want to help… let them! πŸ™‚ LOVE YOU!!!!!! I’m so proud of you and Steve for taking on this adventure …even if it scares me half to death and contributes to my gray hairs daily!!! πŸ™‚

  12. Okay,
    I’m all for adventure but really? How about giving us a heads up on the towns you are heading too before you get there so we might be able to help you with some contacts.
    We all love you here and I for one am very Proud of you for pulling your resources!

    God Bless You and Keep you warm!
    Auntie Ann

  13. just as long as you guys are safe and having fun! im sure that parts of your trip will be physically and mentally exhausting so just stay confindent in your self and in God!! everyone that has heard about this trip thinks that you boys are incredibly strong! keep it up, stay strong and confident!
    -the fry’s:)

    ps: amarii’s rooting for you guys!

  14. I am praying for you guys πŸ™‚ and you too Karen!! πŸ™‚ I love the McDonalds story!!!! For me, as a mom, that is assurance and insurance that God is with you and seems like your mom was comforted as well πŸ™‚ I look forward to the journey πŸ™‚ One question, how did the people at Mcdonalds find this blog and know it was you? ~ Tammy πŸ™‚

  15. Hey Tammy!

    At the last minute Taylor gave the drive thru cashier one of his reminder bands with the web address on it. (otherwise, that would have REALLY been something! Lol!)

    Thank you for your prayers!!! k

  16. I love that Sean posted on here and the story has become part of
    “The Journey” Kudos to you Taylor for your Random Act of Kindness that was contageous and Paid Forward!! If more people were like you, the world would be a much different place πŸ™‚

  17. Hello, Ryan here

    You guys have done a great job documenting your great adventure so far. You are very descriptive with your writing here and have lots of great tales to tell. Its as good as reading a book! I think that I will check back here for news on this when ever I can. I had a great time playing minecraft with Steve and hope he has a great time with his new game!

    Thanks for comming to our house! Ryan

    P.S I know that your focus now is your awesome supper biking across the U.S, however if you find your self on anoth couch for the night remember that the minecraft multiplayer server address us!

  18. Hi Steve & Taylor, This is an amazing blog. You are in my prayers every day and although everything worked out well it is scary that you didn’t have lodging the other night. Thank God for Sequioa helping out. I won’t say any more about that but please be careful…. I know you will be careful but it’s a Grandma’s perogative
    to worry. Have a wonderful adventure and keep on with the blog–I look forward to every word. Don’t forget Steve, I’m in New Jersey and have friends who might be able to help if you are nearby. Just heard the weather-Going to get warmer each day and into the high 50’s tomorrow and Saturday. Sunday 47. Love you both. Grandma Janet XXX000.

  19. Hi Taylor and Steve,
    I like the idea of you guys telling us where you are headed and letting us know if you need a place to stay along the way, we probably all know people we can contact to help you guys out. I know someone in Oakland NJ, not sure if that is near where you will be, but I could contact if you need it. Love looking at your pictures and reading your adventures so far. Take care and God Bless you both along the way. Will be praying πŸ™‚
    Laura Vanden Akker

  20. Good luck Guys!! How I envy the both of you. All my life I have wanted to do set out on a voyage like the one you two are on. I know you will look back and be able to tell stories about all the different people and places you have met and seen. I hope your trip turns out to be more fun and excitement than you could have ever thought. Please use good judgement and keep your eyes and ears open. GOD SPEED and BE SAFE!!

    John B ” the directions guy in Trenton, NJ”

    ps. which road did you take 130 or 206?

  21. If you guys are on the truck route, you should be grabbing on to the trailers and let them pull ya. That would be the EASY button for you.
    Just kidding. Its great to be following you guys, been thinking and praying for your enjoyment and safety.

    John Williams

  22. Well my comments got deleted so I’ll try it again.
    Too bad no-one knew about the hats, tee-shirts & sweat-shirts
    woulda bought one!

  23. Great stuff guys… feel like I am there…but glad I am not out in that cold. Hope you are enjoying it thus far…. soak it all in. Lots of Love

  24. Hi Uncle Barso,

    I’m Taylor’s mom… Taylor left me in charge of merchandise… if you are interested in making a purchase, let me know, I’ll make it happen… thanks! karen

  25. Wise to stop and pause Tay. Figure out your video issues. I think it does make sense to grab an HD Video cam. Probably should get one with changable media so you’re not dependand on SD cards. Hope you feel better and regain some energy to get back on the road tomorrow.

    Love ya,


  26. Hey, Matt Poluha here, this is a pretty inspiring story in the making guys. Definitely inspired me to do some things in my life i was not thinking about before.

  27. A truly inspiring adventure and I hope you both find what you’re looking for on it. The picture at the top of the webpage is great btw πŸ˜‰

    -Dave Bater

  28. Taylor!!! I can’t believe you guys are already in New York (I’m very jealous…high school sucks) Hope you guys are having a great time but don’t forget to not get hit by any cars πŸ™‚ because I know I’ve almost hit people on bikes before and there could be another me on the road haha. Enjoy the warm sunshine for me!!

  29. You guys are in my thoughts! So proud to know you and it’s so great to be able to follow your trip on here. Stay safe πŸ™‚ -Molly

  30. Hi Steve and Tyler,

    I love reading about your adventure. Thank you so much for sharing it with the world!

    Just wondering who is going to play you in the movie version?

    Diane (Iudiciani) Pare

  31. “This time, like all times, is a very good one
    if we but know what to do with it”

    Ralph Waldo Emerson essayist and author, 1803-1882

    Just a little thing I’ve been thinking on recently along with thinking about you guys and what you are doing. Your doing great! Keep it up, sounds like a very good time to me.

    Chuck McGrath

  32. Taylor, I heard you were going to be in Maryland, but I’m not sure if I missed you already. Let me know where you’ll be, I’d love to see you if it works out.

    1. Hey Brenda!

      It’s great to hear from you. Sadly, We have left the area. I remember you teaching us all about DC in 3rd grade and I finally saw it for myself today. It was surreal! I’m still dying to go to Australia after your teachings…maybe next adventure.

      Take care,


  33. So Glad you both stopped at my store “Frog Crossing”,,, Been thinking about you both since we meet! Hope you had a nice hot shower & a comfortable bed to sleep in. I pray people along the way will provide you with the same….Emerald Isle is your plan for today, God speed with you,,,& please be careful…( yeah’ that’s the mom in me )….

  34. hey guys! hope you’re having fun!! I’m sure you’re missing Keowns like crazy right now… haha but congrats on how far you’ve gone so far!I know a few people in Texas if you guys need anything, let me know!

  35. taylor&steve,i have been following your web site for the past couple of weeks .thats great you to are following your dreams. it looks and sounds like you are having a exciting journey,take care and god bless.

  36. Hey great video! I actually laughed and cried during it. It certainly created an emotional response. I’m so happy that you guys are enjoying your time away and getting a chance to experience some things that most people won’t, A true sense of independance.

    Love you,


  37. Love from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Adam, Justin, and John… we will be following the whole way. yyyyyeeeahhh buddy

  38. Love the video and all the wonderful pictures! You are both amazing to be doing this. Take care and be safe and enjoy the wonders that you encounter along the way.

  39. Hey guys! I’ve really enjoyed reading about your adventures. It brings back so many memories of bike touring with Ben – where oh where to camp tonight, speed changing flat tires and food, food, food! I’m so glad you are having such a great experience. Ben, Colin and I are talking about getting to St. George in May but still pretty up in the air…

  40. Hey guys! I woke up singing the theme song this morning lol na na na na na na. Safe travels to key west! πŸ™‚

  41. Taylor,
    It was great to meet you and Steve at Everglades Hostel. Let me know when are close to Naples. I may have a couch for you to surf. I’ll be leaving Key West on the 22nd. I may see you down the road. Stay happy and healthy.

  42. hey guys–you rock!! two of the coolest young folk we’ve met in a looooong time! i’m sure we will cross paths again on our respective journeys. love you guys! from the hippies at the hostel!!

  43. hey guys-hope you’re having a blast in the keys!! hope you’ll stop by the hostel and visit us old hippies before you head north and west!!

  44. Hey Taylor! I hope your journey is going well! I stumbled across your blog on a cycling forum, and it looks like you’ve just recently finished biking down the east coast. I’m considering biking this summer from around Virginia Beach up to Boston. Having never done a ride that long before (or in most of those areas), I was wondering–what is the ride through that area like? Any particular places to definitely go through/avoid? Also, how many miles are y’all typically biking each day? Sorry for all of the questions, but I’ve had a hard time finding people that have biked that area and am just really curious! Thanks a lot, and safe travels along the rest of the way!

    1. Hey there Chris! This is Steve. We appreciate you checking out the blog and hope you have been enjoying it. As for your trip-in-planning, The areas all have beautiful spots and not so great spots. Highway 1 is great for getting somewhere fast, but not so great for scenery. Keep in mind the Chesapeake Bay Bridge is closed to cyclists, but you can take a shuttle over (although I’m sure you dont want to shuttle the 1st leg of your trip!). There are some great cycling paths in the greater D.C and Baltimore area, and Northeast MD is rural enough to ensure pleasant riding. You may be forced up to Philly area to cross the delaware bay/river to NJ, and PA is a tad hilly but extremely scenic on the county roads. You way even want to mirror the Appalachian Trail up to western Mass.

      The Adventure Cycling maps are definitely something to check out if you don’t mind the small fee. We didn’t use them, but they have well thought out and stress free route planning. If there is any one place you may want to avoid, it is the NYC/Jersey City area. Very cluttered, smoggy, scary riding and almost completely lacking in safe route choices, save for the actual island of Manhattan, which has some nice trails and is an experience in itself.

      In the hilly areas, we average around 60, and have been averaging more like 80-90 upon reaching flatlands. If you go in the summer, daylight will be on your side for long days. I’d just do some general research and see what may tickle your fancy!

      Again, thanks for the interest.

  45. I am ashamed to alert you of my failed recognition of this blog for over a month and a half now. I promise to be a faithful follower from here on out.

    Your most jealous fan (seriously),

  46. Hey Trent…. I challenge you at being ” the most jealous fan”…. Haha! (just wait, the envy grows with each and every post!) πŸ™‚

  47. It is amazing the goals you have set and are doing. May you continue your journey with safty and happyness. The pictures and stories are great to see and read.our prayers and thought are with you both. Speed safe.
    May God bless you on the rest of the many miles you will put on.
    Williams family

  48. Hey boys, I met you last night on splash mountain. I am completely intrigued by this whole thing. What an experience of a life time πŸ™‚ I looked at your route and you’ll actually be passing straight through my home town – Tucson, AZ. I’d love to track you through the journey πŸ™‚ I wish you the best of luck – and add me on Facebook if you ever get the chance!

  49. Hey boys. I met you last night on splash mountain. I am completely intrigued by this whole thing. What an experience of a lifetime. πŸ™‚ I looked at your route and you’ll actually be passing straight through my home town – Tucson, AZ. I’d love to track you through the journey! Sometimes leaving our comfort zone is the best thing we can do for ourselves. Because when we’re uncomfortable, we are forced to rely on God and HIS plan. THIS IS SO AWESOME! I wish I would have talked to you guys more. If you are still in Orlando… I would love to hang out with you two before you continue on.

    There is no such thing as coincidence. I believe God made our paths cross for a reason. You two are in my prayers! STAY SAFE. Have fun. Love God.

    -Meaghan Conner
    Email or call me if you’re still in Orlando πŸ™‚ or 520-399-5177

  50. Hey guys! My best friend, Dannica and I met you guys one morning – at a gas station- near Boca Chica Beach. Just wanted to let you know that I’m reading up on your adventures! I am back in Orlando now, so please come by Mellow Mushroom and enjoy a meal on me! I work at the store near UCF(It’s on East Colonial Drive, look it uppp)

    It was super cool meeting you! You have inspired Dannica and I to start a blog for all of our travels πŸ™‚

    Shoot me an email – I can get my contact info to you that way. I know you guys are having a blast, Orlando is a fantastic city!


      1. I’m great. Love watching your progress. My dad, Herb, is almost 89 and still biking. He collects bikes to repair and sell for charity. Of course that’s in his spare time when he’s not kayaking or dreaming up a new mechanical design to fix or improve something. I’d love to have you both meet him after your return!

  51. I’m great. Love watching your progress. My dad, Herb, is almost 89 and still biking. He collects bikes to repair and sell for charity. Of course that’s in his spare time when he’s not kayaking or dreaming up a new mechanical design to fix or improve something. I’d love to have you both meet him after your return!

  52. My dad was the cop that met you under the bridge! He showed me this website. You guys have fun! Much love πŸ™‚

  53. Hey I’ll be in San Francisco 3rd week of April if you guys want to hang in a nice hotel and see the sights. Not sure if that maps to your plans.

  54. (k imagine me singing this to you, just before you are nodding off to sleep and gazing at the stars……)

    May tomorrow, be a perfect day. May you find love and laughter along the way. May God keep you, in his tender care, ’til he brings us together again. : ) Mom (alias Marie O )

  55. I saw Ironman’s post about you on Facebook. Very inspiring journey guys! Keep spinning big circles and be safe out there,

    Paul Wilson

  56. Hey guys!! Happy to see you’re still having a blast! We
    ‘re keeping pace with you in our way. Done some beautiful murals since we saw you. Hello from us old hippies from the Florida Hostel!!

  57. Has been great! watching you though all you have been doing.
    Yes, I have been checking in.
    Sounds like you know what to do with it.
    Now finish it.
    Do the very best you can,
    God helping you.

    Chuck McGrath

    1. Jason, I thank God for you! Congratulations! YOU are an IRONMAN!(taylor’s auntie whose prayers for help and stenghth for taylor were answered by a guy wearing #910!)

  58. I am so proud of you both!!!!! You did an awesome job! You should be so proud of yourselves!!!! It was such a joy to see your smiling faces come through the finish line! Can’t wait to see you…………….xo smom

  59. Love you both! great job today at the race… two winners in every way!!!! Can’t wait to see you next week !!

  60. So proud of the only two Ironmen I’ve ever known!! You are an inspiration to us in every way…physically, emotionally and spiritually!! Can’t wait to see you soon…safe travels home. Auntie Susie

  61. We will be thinking of you tomorrow during the race!
    Gayla (Your Northern Virginia couch surfing haven;-)

  62. Hi Taylor and Steve – I am a friend or your Auntie Laurie’s, Steve (we actually share a cube wall at work). Laurie told me about your adventure in January and as a Mom of two girls, a lot of thoughts ran through my head – most involving worry about such an adventure, two guys two bikes and how far are they going??? But then it struck me, this is an adventure of a life time for two young guys – HOW COOL is that??? She told me when you reached certain places and I couldn’t imagine – the whole time I’ve be doing whatever… you’d been on your bike, going somewhere – wow. So she came into work this Monday just bubbling about two of the newest IRONMEN, sent me the link here and dared me to read without shedding a tear. I have to tell you that your story, your writing of the race and your adventure is one of the most inspiring things I’ve read in a long time. I sent the link on to my 13 and 15 year old daughters – I hope they feel that inspiration and someday find an adventure that is fitting for them, whatever that maybe. Congratulations to you both – you are different people today than when you left in January and I hope you feel so incredibly confident that there is Nothing in this life you cannot do. Congrats and welcome back home !!!

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