The Capri Sun

My town is a beautiful town. The rural landscape is peaceful. The people are kind and it’s typically clean. Unfortunately, on my route, I had been noticing a small rectangular shining silver object. It was a capri sun. Every time I ran by this emptied silver garbage, I told myself I would “grab it next time and throw it away when I get home”. Well, today I decided to finally snag it. So I did. Minutes later, as I am running my route getting in the zone with some “Cake”, I notice something shining on the ground. It was another capri sun. I certainly could not leave THIS one. I grabbed it as well. I was going to put them in my pockets, but the snowy mud was too much to simply wipe off. I held them in my cracking frozen hands. I continue to run. Before I knew it, I had 3 Arizona Ice teas, 2 capri suns, 2 Mcdonalds fries boxes, a soda can, and a piece of large plastic. I just could not take this beautiful town to be covered with trash. My hands were becoming purple. I foolishly was not wearing running gloves. I made my way home and threw the trash out. It was at that point that I decided I wanted to run more than my original goal. At the end of it all, I ended up beasting through 20 miles today…wow. “I can do all things in He who gives me strength.”

My feet have truly taken a beating.

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